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 ===== Common misperceptions ===== ===== Common misperceptions =====
 +(//the protocol is continued for 3-5 years//) In actuality, the impact of Th1 disease is different for each individual. Patients themselves vary in personality, physiological reactions, environmental conditions, degree of impact that social attitudes make to their morale. Stress is an important factor interfering with recovery, it often contributed to collapse of innate immunity.
 +A majority of patients have chosen to continue the therapy for as long as they experience improvement; this has been known to continue for ten years. Minimally for as long as it takes to bring 1,25 D into the healthy range and maintain this over one year of testing (if available). Often for at least as long as it takes to experience continuing improvement.
 +(//patients must wear wrap-around NoIR sunglasses at all times, including inside//) Those people who already wear sunglasses have been known to find the wrap-around NoIR give superior comfort. Actually some patients never wear NoIR because not photosensitive, for others it hits hard and fast. A few have been obliged to postpone the MP journey because they could no longer practice their profession effectively while photosensitive.
 +(//Protocol relies on massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs//) Not massive amounts, and only one drug, to cure problems which may have been caused by previous use of pharmaceutical drugs (penicillin type drugs). Any MP compatible Abx used while on MP is optional and used in minimal doses.
 +(//MP gives you one reason for pain. 'Too much vitamin D'//) The MP explains most pain as caused by microbial die-back producing cytokines as the immune system begins to work normally. Other pain may be caused by irreversible damage. This type of pain can be controlled by judicious use of opiates. Patients and doctors who desire only reduction of pain may be advised to avoid the MP. Patients who desire roll-back leading to cure of immune problems must look to developments in immune protection, restoration and support.
 +(//MP could be dangerous?//) Young children and pregnant women are warned they must postpone this therapy, as a precaution. Olmesartan is one of the safest medications known. It is far safer than many drugs available without prescription, such as aspirin..
 +(//MP recommends the opposite of natural practitioners, seems all that MP does is shut down bodily ability to heal//) Olmesartan does the opposite, when dose is taken frequently, enables recovery of innate immunity, including healing where damage is not irreversible. Patients are encouraged to find a natural whole foods diet which is suited to their individual digestive process. Moderate exercise appropriate to the individual is encouraged, going all out is not.
 +(//MP staff are not open-minded//) I do not understand this reaction. IMO patients must be pretty open minded to stick with MP long enough to be nominated as support staff. They welcome discussion of the experience of all participants, learn from failure and success as does any competent scientific study. 
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