Notice for emergency medical personnel

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The following notice is for health care providers treating a Marshall Protocol patient in an emergency situation.

This patient routinely takes Benicar (Olmesartan medoxomil) 40mg every four hours, as part of a clinical study of antibacterials in chronic inflammatory disease. It is essential to continue this dose and schedule of Benicar, even in the presence of hypotension, as abrupt withdrawal can be life-threatening.

This patient may also be taking pulsed antibiotics which may provoke a cytokineAny of various protein molecules secreted by cells of the immune system that serve to regulate the immune system. storm needing ER intervention. Cytokine storm symptoms may include:

  • s/sx of impending M.I. (pain, dyspnea, diaphoresis, nausea, palpitations)
  • alarming dyspnea, especially if accompanied by peripheral edema
  • alarming throat tightening

Along with routine lifesaving procedures, it is essential to continue oral Benicar 40mg dosing every four hours, with 20mg SL p.r.n., until symptoms subside - even if an NG tube is necessary.

If B/P is extremely low (mean arterial pressure <55), continue Benicar as above and increase fluid volume with 0.9 NS or packed red cells.

Ceftin (Cefuroxime, Zinacef, Supacef , Zamur ) may offer the best option for patients who need an antibiotic for short term use in acute infection.

Biaxin (Clarithromycin) has been reported with similar good results, but may not be suitable for a patient with a heart condition.

Cephalosporins may be tolerated, Claforin is usually OK.

Biaxin and Ceftin are actually preferred to Fluoroquinolones although they may be well tolerated, since instances of tendon damage have been reported, and more recently they have been linked to a higher risk of retinal detachment. The patient should be advised of the FDA black-box warnings.

The listed antibiotics may cause either an allergic reaction or a cytokine storm:

  • azithromycin (note especially cardiovascular sequelae)
  • clindamycin (note especially neurological sequelae)
  • tetracyclines
  • sulfa drugs

Do not give corticosteroidsA first-line treatment for a number of diseases. Corticosteroids work by slowing the innate immune response. This provides some patients with temporary symptom palliation but exacerbates the disease over the long-term by allowing chronic pathogens to proliferate. in any form or by any route (injected, inhaled, oral or IV) as they will lead to metabolic instability.

Do not give Telmisartan, it has an over strong action in suppressing the patient's ability to fight infection.
Using Valsartan for organ protection is acceptable and is a precautionary measure if for any reason Olmesartan was reduced or stopped.

Do not give nimesulide (Aulin / Mesulid / Nimed). It could cause bleeding. One death has been reported during its use.

Xarelto increases the risk of bleeding and can cause serious or fatal bleeding. A specific antidote for rivaroxaban is not available. Because of high plasma protein binding, rivaroxaban is not expected to be dialyzable.

Colistin (Colimycin, Colisticin, Colistin Sulfate, Coly-Mycin, Polymyxin ESulfate, Totazina) is not suitable for treating MP patients.

Adverse reactions may occur if epinephrine or norepinephrine is used to raise B/P or treat anaphylaxis. Use epinephrine and norepinephrine only for cardiac arrest.

Local anesthetics containing epinephrine may cause adverse events (tachycardia, psychosis), and the epinephrine may hinder anesthesia.

In an emergency, physicians may call Trevor Marshall at 805-492-3693.

International Call: 1-805-492-3693

email: Foundation@AutoimmunityResearch.org

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