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 ===== Notes and comments ===== ===== Notes and comments =====
 +broken links//
 +[[http://​www.globaltv.com/​globaltv/​bc/​video/​index.html?​releasePID=83m4OnVv_9l91ngZvTAsedFFzYEYcCHg|Health headlines with Dr. Art Hister]]
 + ​[[http://​www.sciencebase.com/​science-blog/​vitamin-d-dilemma.html|Vitamin D dilemma - to D or not to D]] 
 +[[http://​www.cbc.ca/​news/​viewpoint/​vp_strauss/​20080213.html|The vitamin D debate]] 
 + ​[[http://​www.sciencebase.com/​science-blog/​quick-fix-for-chronic-disease.html|Slowburn treatment for chronic disease]]  
 +[[http://​www.cbc.ca/​news/​story/​2008/​07/​07/​strauss-vitamind.html|Vitamin D and diabetes: an over-simplified solution to a complex problem]] 
 +[[http://​www.prohealth.com/​library/​showarticle.cfm?​id=5784&​t=CFIDS_FM|The Marshall Protocol for treating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia:​ hopeful results emerging]]
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