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-{{tag>​disease symptoms ​arrange}}+The administration of olmesartan improved blood pressure, insulin, HOMA, visfatin and lipid profile in hypertensive obese women. Irbesartan improved blood pressure and lipid levels. (({{pubmed>​long:​21061834}})) 
 +Olmesartan ameliorated arterial stiffness in patients with hypertension,​ which may be involved in the reduction of serum A-FABP. ​  ​(({{pubmed>​long:​21063874}})) 
 +Given the involvement of oxidative stress and its signaling in atherogenesis,​ and the available evidence of olmesartan'​s vasoprotective,​ anti-inflammatory and antiatherosclerotic effects derived from clinical trials in humans, the results of our study provide a mechanistic rationale for the omelsartan'​s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential translation,​ in the long term, toward the antiatherosclerotic and antiremodeling effects reported on the clinical ground. ​ (({{pubmed>​long:​21504378}})) 
 +{{tag>​disease symptoms }}
 ===== References ===== ===== References =====
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