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 //bobi August 2017//</​blockquote>​ //bobi August 2017//</​blockquote>​
 +<​blockquote>​I put coconut oil, with crushed, powdered olmesartan tabs in it, on my toenails and the rest of my feet daily. ​ It's taken 9 years! but the fungusy nails are gone except for a slight hint on one nail.  Itchiness between the toes resolved in the first few months of this topical olmesartan. ​ I was recently told by the "pedi care" nurse who cuts nails at the senior center by appointment that she recommends coconut oil as an antifungal. ​ Also a podiatrist ​ commented on the surprisingly good health of my feet's skin compared to most of the elder feet she sees, and attributed it to the coconut oil.  I personally think the olmesartan gets the credit, but I guess coconut oil as a vehicle for the olmesartan was a good choice.
 +Grateful Survivor ​ August 2017</​blockquote>​
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