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 +====== Saunas ======
 +Far infrared (FIR) **saunas** raise body temperature to cause sweating which is touted to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes, promote weight loss, provide the equivalent of a cardiovascular workout and relieve pain.
 +The use of infrared saunas is contraindicated because the heat they produce catalyzes the creation of vitamin D.
 +The use of non-infrared saunas is acceptable, provided that body temperature is not raised more than one degree or so. Increased body temperature may cause increased tissue perfusion of the antibiotics,​ which could increase immunopathology symptoms.
 +The quanta of energy do not vary that much between near-UV and visible and Far-IR. Maybe by a factor of 3 or so, but nobody has shown that the 7-dehydrocholesterol steroid ring cleavage requires that much energy. In fact, all the current pragma about UV has been based on in-vitro work, which is subject to many, many errors.
 +We know TNF-alpha catalyzes the production of 1,25-D in keratinocytes. That speaks to a continuous process, not a quantized reaction. The hundreds of folks on the MP are keeping away from UV like the plague, yet they continue to produce 1,25-D.
 +//**Trevor Marshall, PhD**// </​blockquote>​
 +===== Notes and comments =====
 +  * Legacy content
 +    * http://​www.marshallprotocol.com/​view_topic.php?​id=33&​forum_id=2&​jump_to=37025#​p37025 e222
 +    * http://​www.marshallprotocol.com/​view_topic.php?​id=1078&​forum_id=32&​jump_to=144452#​p144452 f52
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