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 ===== Medications used ===== ===== Medications used =====
 +The document [[home:​mp|Marshall Protocol]] is a one-article summary of key issues related to the Marshall Protocol, especially those relevant to physicians. ​ Many of the topics covered here are reviewed in greater depth throughout the Knowledge Base. 
 +Without active participation of patients on MarshallProtocol.com site, Autoimmunity Research Foundation does not support or license the public use of this therapy.
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   * [[home:​starting|Starting the Marshall Protocol]]   * [[home:​starting|Starting the Marshall Protocol]]
   * [[home:​mp:​stages|Stages of illness and recovery]]   * [[home:​mp:​stages|Stages of illness and recovery]]
 +  * [[home:​special:​effects_of_emf:​about_rf]]
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   * Legacy content   * Legacy content
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