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-====== Presentation - Is there a role for a Tin-Foil hat in PPPM? ======+====== Presentation - The importance of the microbiome ​in chronic disease prevention ​======
-{{ youtube>bjY08k1ZYvo}}+{{ youtube>Q4vLHco9VQk}}
 **Type:** Conference presentation\\ **Type:** Conference presentation\\
 **Presenter:​** ​ Trevor Marshall, PhD\\ **Presenter:​** ​ Trevor Marshall, PhD\\
-**Conference:​**  ​EPMA World Congress on PPPM 2015 \\ +**Conference:​**  ​Preventative Medicine ​2015 \\ 
-**Location:​** ​BonnGermany\\ +**Location:​** ​MoscowRussia\\ 
-**Date:​** ​September, 2015\\+**Date:​** ​ May, 2015\\
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-A conference: "EPMA World Congress on PPPM  (Predictive,​ PreventativePersonalized ​and Participatory Medicine) ​" was held in BonnGermany, on 3-5 September ​2015. The presentation of Professor Trevor Marshall: "Is there a role for a Tin-Foil hat in PPPM?." ​+A conference: "Preventive Medicine 2015: Innovative methods of diagnosistreatment ​and rehabilitation" was held in MoscowRussia, on 19 May 2015. Professor Trevor Marshall ​was invited to address the delegates by video-link on: "The Importance of the Microbiome ​in Chronic Disease Prevention." ​
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 ===== Notes and comments ===== ===== Notes and comments =====
-**Additional content:** [[http://​autoimmunityresearch.org/​transcripts/​Moscow_2015_Marshall.pdf|PDF Transcript]] ​  ​not found --- //Sallie Q 06.09.2017//​+**Additional content:** [[http://​autoimmunityresearch.org/​transcripts/​Moscow_2015_Marshall.pdf|PDF Transcript]] not available
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