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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-A conference: ​"​Predictive,​ Preventive and Personalized Medicine as a health care model of the newest generation" ​was held in Moscow, Russia, on September ​2016. Professor Trevor ​Marshall ​was invited ​to address ​the delegates by video-link on: "​Immune ​disease ​and the Microbiome" ​+At the Summit on "​Predictive,​ Preventive and Personalized Medicine as a health care model of the newest generation"​ held at the First Moscow ​State Medical University in Sept 2016, Prof Marshall ​gave two presentations. A 45 minute presentation ​to Students and Interns, and this, his shorter Plenary presentation at the Summit. The topic is "​Immune ​Disease ​and the Microbiome: PPPM Healthcare in response to New Knowledge" ​a PDF of the slides can be found at: [[https://​www.marshallprotocol.com/​images/​Marshall_Moscow-PPPM_2016.pdf|click to view]]. 
 +A preprint of "The Science of Safety"​ paper in Vestnik, St Petersburg State University, can be found at: [[https://​www.marshallprotocol.com/​images/​Vestnik_SPbSU_TM_preprint.pdf|The Science of Safety]].  
 +The paper "​Electrosmog and Autoimmunity"​ can be viewed and downloaded from "​Immunologic Research":​ [[https://​link.springer.com/​article/​10.1007%2Fs12026-016-8825-7|Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease]]
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 ===== Notes and comments ===== ===== Notes and comments =====
-**Additional content:** [[http://​autoimmunityresearch.org/​transcripts/​Moscow_2016_Marshall.pdf|PDF Transcript]] ​  NOT YET AVAILABLE ​+ 
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