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-[[home:​waves:​effects:​films|Effects on show videos]] ​   +[[home:​waves:​effects:​films|Effects on show videos]] ​  ​
 +==== Headline ====
 +<​blockquote>//​mvanwink // 
 +The RF is doing damage whether we see it or not, or whether our friends or family acknowledge it. My cousin who lives in the country in a small town got cancer of the sinus on the side of the head he uses his cell phone. My mom had an acoustic neuroma which at least in rats could only be initiated by exposure to RF. And the story goes on.
 +This is modern life. We have to adapt. What we have learned here will allow us to be healthy in what has become a hostile to life world.
 +As for myself, because of shielding I no longer have muscle knots except when I get a long term (week long) dose of -30 dBm or stronger RF - that was with protection (not the newest garment which are 10 dB better). So, it looks like we can be more normal than a '​normal'​ person, but it requires protection.
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