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  • Essential Information, and
  • Side Topics

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Table 1: FAQs

FAQs are listed here.

Topic(s) ID
low blood pressure and Benicar F1
patient reports of low blood pressure F2
Trevor on low blood pressue F3
cardiac symptoms F4
patient experience w/ cardiac IP F5
patient experience w/ Tachycardia F6
congestive heart failure F7
Atrial fibrillation F8
MP and work, letter to employer F9
applicable treatment for my disease? F10
MP correct treatment? F11
Blood-brain barrier F12
OCD, anorexia, autism F13
heart disease F14
L-forms isolated in culture F15
degree of illness and recovery F16
rheumatic disease F17
breathing exercises F18
improving breathing F19
inhalers and nebulizers F20
lung conditions F21
IP and breathing F22
where is Phase 2/3 F23
pregnancy & conception F24
why stop supplements F25
dietary supplements F26
Cholestyramine (Questran) F27
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) F28
px exp with supp F29
glucosamine & chrondroitin F30
chelation F31
herb & spices as supp F32
antioxidants F33
adrenal support supp F34
melatonin supp F35
supp w/ iodine F36
supp with B12 F37
supp with glutathione F38
supp with potassium F39
colloidal silver F40
immune boosting supp F41
flagyl F42
bromelain F43
rife F44
homeopathy F45
hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pH F46
prolotherapy F47
bacteriophage therapy F48
D-mannose F49
aloe vera F50
massage, physical therapy, acupressure F51
Far infrared saunas (FIR) F52
Acupuncture F53
stimulants: caffeine, provigil F54
guaifenesin F55
children F56
children in cohort F57
actions of Benicar F58
side effects of Benicar F59
flu shot F60
vaccinations F61
TB test F62
tattoos F63
libido, testosterone replacement F64
how long MP, words of advice F65
painful shoulder F66
treating co-infections F67
viral co-infections F68
Helicobacter pylori F69
fungal co-infections, Candidiasis F70
rickettsia and mycobacteria F73
barontella, staph F74
protazoan parasites, babesia, Flagyl F75
viruses F76
intesitinal parasites, roundworms, Flagyl F77
Benicar applications beyond hypertension F78
benicar and migraines F79
Benicar and kidney disease F80
Benicar and diabetes F81
Benicar and cardiac disease F82
Benicar as an antibacterial F83
ARBs: Benefits Beyond Blood Pressure Lowering? F84
Anti-atherosclerotic And Vascular Protective F85
olmesartan is reno-protective F86
sunscreen and vitamin D production F87
sunscreen overview F88
therapy for itching/rash F89
OTC remedies for skin problems F90
Skin products for sensitive skin F91
patient reports of improvement in skin condition F92
promoting the MP F93
calcium supp to treat osteopenia and osteoporosis F94
food sources of calcium F95
calcium supp for bone strengthening F96
study: high 1,25 D and osteoporosis F97
1,25-D does not affect calcium F98
study: doxy and minocycline in the proliferation of bone cells F99
bone formation F100
calcium: heart risk for older women F101
controlling my anxiety F102
controlling my depression F103
antidepressants F104
guilt about being ill F105
kidney tests worse since starting MP F106
ARBs treat chronic kidney disease F107
flank pain F108
patient experience with kidney F109
what to when creatinine and potassium rises F110
thiazide diuretics are contraindicated in kidney disease F111
science demonstrating Benicar is renoprotective F112
effects of ARBs on kidney function F113
effects of high ARBs on humans F114
effects of high ARBs on animals F115
Vitamin D for Kidney Disease Unproven F116
assessing lung function, pulmonary fibrosis F117
minocycline causes lupus? F118
my ears are bothering me F119
trouble with medical journals F120
working effectively w/ doctor F121
forms of minocycline, shelf life F122
minocycline studies F123
night sweats, flushing F124
holiday stress F125
car windows, cloudy skies, location affecting sun exposure F126
defective genes causing Th1? F127
respiratory immunopathology F128
tetanus shot F129
modifying the MP F130
detox while on the MP F131
what do when potassium is elevated F132
Benicar protects kidneys F133
members' experiences w/ potassium F134
factors influencing accuracy of potassium F135
Why won't my doctor consider the Marshall Protocol? F136
medicine is a business F137
why doesn't my doctor know this? F138
need for supplemental oxygen F139
evaluating need for oxygen F140
oxygen equipment in the home F141
oxygen safety tips F142
flying with supplemental oxygen F143
cleaning aerosol and oxygen equipment F144
My sodium is low. What should I do? F145
I found an interesting article/study. Can you tell me what it means? F146
throat, esophagus or stomach problem F147
What can I do for my intolerable cough? F148
coughing and fainting (syncope) F149
How can I tell if the MP is working for me? F150
exposure to light increases symptoms F151
exercise, massage and rest during the MP F152
Belinda re: exercise F153
Blaney on exercise F154
range of motion exercises F155
being fit is different than being healthy F156
patient experiences of improved strength w/o exercise F157
martial arts F158
cost of MP F159
safe to take expired medication? F160
Why should I avoid hormone supplementation? F161
Patients experiences with hormone levels F162
PCR testing, antibody assays and biopsies don't detect intracellular bacteria F163
I have diarrhea. What should I do? F164
What should I do for liver or gallbladder pain? F165
Don't I need vitamin D to prevent bone loss? F166
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) F167
successive infection F168
Genetic studies have not yielded any successful treatments F169
Measles makes cells more susceptible to secondary infection F170
Interspecies microbial interactions may alter the course of disease F171
Is it okay to take magnesium? F172
Is supplemental magnesium intake risky? F173
My breathing is worse. What should I do? F174
Pneumothorax F175
I need to have a diagnostic procedure/surgery/dental work. F176
Arthroscopic knee surgery F177
neurological immunopathology F178
member experience w/ neurological immunopathology F179
Psychological symptoms of Th1 inflammation F180
How long does the MP take? F181
Dr. Marshall double dares you not to go on the MP F182
Attempts to compare disease states are futile F183
25D is immunosuppressive F184
Recovery goals change as progress continues F185
If one keeps a longer time frame perspective, the progress becomes very apparent. F186
Member experiences - I don't care how long it takes F187
What tests do I need to monitor my progress on the MP? F188
Chest X-rays F189
MRI and CT F190
Which diagnostic tests do I need? F191
diagnostic imaging, MRI and CT scans F192
why doctors order tests F193
Tests to detect cancer F194
What should I do about my high cholesterol and/or triglycerides? F195
Lipitor, Pravachol, Mevacor, Zocor, Lescol, and statins F196
Patients experiences w/ high cholesterol and triglycerides F197
Myotonia associated with sarcoidosis: marked exacerbation with pravastatin. F198
Tendon Complications, Though Rare, Linked To Statins, Study Shows F199
My liver enzymes are elevated. Should I be concerned? F200
Sarcoidosis liver studies F201
Cell death (apoptosis) elevates ALT and resolves fibrotic tissue F202
What should I do for my bladder symptoms including bladder infection, etc.? F203
I'm allergic to an antibiotic on the Protocol. Is there a substitute? F204
minocycline have side effects on or cause lupus? F205
Does sarcoidosis go away without MP treatment? F206
why do some people seem to fully recover from CFS without any intervention? F207
Valium F208
Does the disease process or the MP cause hair and/or nail changes? F209
My lymph nodes are growing. Should I be concerned about cancer? F210
Osteopathic manipulation can increase lymphatic flow F211
When the doctor suspects enlarged lymph nodes may be cancer F212
patient experience w/ swollen lymph nodes F213
How often should I test D levels? What are the target numbers? F214
Assessment of function and clinical improvement is the true guide to progress F215
patient experiences with lowering D levels F216
The lumps under my skin are worse. Will the MP make them go away? F217
My respiratory function is poor. How can I prevent an acute lung infection? F218
What causes swelling? F219
I have a yeast infection. What should I do? F220
patient experiences with yeast infection F221
Should I try to maintain a 'healthy alkaline' environment in my body? F222
What degree of healing is possible using the MP? F223
Getting your life back F224
Palliation versus cure, Better State of Health F225
Full remission defined F226
The MP is curative, not palliative F227
Fibrosis F228
Assessing lung function F229
MP as fountain of youth? F230
previous use of steroids hinder recovery? F231
Tissue regeneration F232
Do MP graduates feel "high energy" all the time? Or most all the time? F233
latest recommendations regarding sun exposure F234
Do I need to get my 25-D down before I start the MP? F235
What is the basic definition of Th1 inflammation? F236
Do immune cells travel around in the whole body or do they stay in one place? F237
meaning of autoimmunity F238
Can I use doxycycline instead of minocycline? F239
Tetracyclines are all different at the molecular level F240
Why has there been a sharp rise in the incidence of Th1 inflammatory diseases? F241
history of treating illness w/ sunshine F242
I need to take a different antibiotic for awhile. What should I do? F243
patient experience w/ taking different antibiotics F 244
Can I donate blood, organs, tissue or bone marrow if I have a Th1 inflammatory disease? F245
Sarcoidosis has been transmitted to organ recipients from organ donors. F246
FDA Restricts Distribution of Blood Collected from People with Sarcoidosis F247
How does stress affect Th1 inflammation? F248
What do my lab tests mean? F249
Antinuclear Antibody tests F250
Using lab tests to track immunopathology F251
My doctor says I'm anemic. What should I do? F252
When serum ferritin is high F253
Benicar dosage and schedules F254
How to make Benicar act faster (sublingual administration) F255
I've developed rectal bleeding. What should I do? F256
patient experience w/ rectal bleeding F257
Why has my ACE gone up since I started the MP? F258
influence of age and gender on serum ACE F259
What can I do for my nosebleeds? F260
Why isn't the MP working? What am I doing wrong? F261
Dubious reports of MP failures F262
What precautions should I take when I must go out or when traveling? F263
Belinda's experience going out - lessons learned, etc. F264
patient experience with air travel F265
Can I go on a Cruise? F266
I've developed kidney stones. What should I do? F267
Why and when do you recommend taking minocycline frequently? F268
Circumstances that might warrant use of frequent, low dose Minocycline F269
It is the patient's responsibility to see that the prescribing doctor is following the MP correctly F270
Using high dose minocycline to treat RA F271
Will the MP treat paresthesia and neuropathy? F272
patient experience with neuro symptoms F273
I don’t understand the science behind the Marshall Protocol. Where can I get answers? F274
scientific precisions F275
Evaluating other protocols F276
Why am I dizzy and/or fainting? What should I do? F277
cough syncope (coughing + dizziness and fainting) F278
How do I come off the MP and return to daylight? F279
My 25-D is low. Should I be concerned about osteoporosis? F280
Recommended nutritional supplements for a dietary deficiency F281
DEXA: Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry F282
Is it an allergy or is it an immune system reaction? F283
Why do I need to ask for a local anesthetic without epinephrine? F284
patient experience with epinephrine F285
patient experience with epinephrine #2 F286
I’m constipated. What should I do? F287
I’m losing weight. What should I do? F288
Will the Marshall Protocol help me lose weight? F289
Is there a right pace for the most effective healing on the Marshall Protocol? F290
I have insomnia and fatigue. What should I do? F291
Why shouldn't we ramp up the dose of Benicar? F292
standard dosage of Benicar is unacceptable F293
Won't I develop a yeast infection if I'm on antibiotics long-term? F294
How do I take 25mg of minocycline/antibiotics when the capsules only come in larger dose size? F295
Won't the bacteria become immune/resistant to the antibiotics if I take them a long time? F296
Do CFS patients react differently to the Marshall Protocol? F297
Can I take generic minocycline? F298
How to take a break from the Marshall Protocol F299
Personal experiences with an antibiotics break F300
Should I take probiotics? F301
Probiotics F302
Product Review: Probiotic Supplements and Foods F303
Probiotic recommendations from members F304
When will a blinded study be done of the Marshall Protocol? F305
Will immunopathology cause increased eye inflammation? F306
Why are Th1 inflammatory diseases more prevalent in developed countries? F307
Why is my B/P high? Why does it fluctuate? F308
Will re-infection occur if my partner or family members are not treated? F309
Am I contagious? F310
Why doesn't the MP use some of the other antibiotics? F311
Rocephin F312
FDA action will encourage increase in L-form bacteria F313
I think I have an upper respiratory infection. What should I do? F314
Will heavy metals, toxins or mold hinder my recovery on the MP? F315
Benicar is not available in my country. I cannot afford Benicar. Is there an acceptable substitute? F316
My white blood cell count is low. What should I do? F317
Why are so many doctors ordering vitamin D supplementation? F318
How does ketoconazole cream work? F319
Some of my family members appear to have Th1 inflammatory symptoms. What should they do? F320
What effect would concurrent viral and CWD bacterial infections have on 1,25-D? F321
Should I take vitamins? F322
statistics on the MP F323
Should I wear NoIRs, avoid natural light exposure and eliminate vitamin D before starting Benicar? F324
Benicar cause dizziness? F325
If my initial 1,25-D is low does that mean the Herxheimer reactions won't be severe? F326
Why isn't the MP being used by more doctors? F327
Is pulsed minocycline alone effective? F328
I just started Benicar. Why do I feel worse? What should I do? F329
I'm afraid my disease is getting worse with the MP...the anti-inflammatory agents I used in the past made me feel better. F330
Is it safe to take anticoagulants while on the Marshall Protocol? F331
I thought all OTC supplements were safe. Which ones should I be concerned about? F332
How will I know when I've recovered? Can I go out in the sun again after remission? F333
Can reinfection occur once we are healed? F334
If antibiotics are effective at very low doses, why do we ramp up the dose? F335
Do I need to take extra salt if my blood pressure is low? F336
Why should I avoid folic acid supplementation? F337
The Importance of Reducing 25-D F338
Why do you recommend that we NOT take tiny doses of minocycline? F339
How do I know if I'm ready for the phase two? F340
What is a therapeutic probe? F341
Why does the Marshall Protocol take so long? F342
Do the D tests rule out co-infections such as Babesiosis? F343
Do I have to wean off Benicar? F344
My immune system seems to be responding to Benicar alone. Why? F345
Why isn't the entire Marshall Protocol posted on the website? F346
Won't avoiding the sun increase my depression? F347
Why do I feel better in the summer? And worse in the winter? F348
How long should I stay on Benicar only? Why don't I feel better? When should I start minocycline? F349
Should I stop taking any of my medications? F350

Table 2: Essential Information

Essential Information is listed here.

Topic(s) ID
Phase One E1
Checklist for starting the MP E2
What is the Marshall Protocol? E3
How do I get started on the Marshall Protocol? E4
Summary of Phase 1 E5
Important Safety Warnings About the MP E6
Weaning From Steroid Medications E7
Simple explanation of the Marshall Protocol E8
Simple explanation of the Marshall Pathogenesis E9
Simple explanation of the pathogenesis of Th1 inflammation E10
Simplified guide to the Marshall Protocol E11
Simple explanation of the action of Benicar E12
Simple explanation of innate immunity E13
Simple explanation of new research E14
Simple explanation of vitamin D metabolism E15
MEDICATIONS to be Avoided when on the Marshall Protocol E16
Vitamin D metabolism in Th1 inflammatory diseases, basic and random info E17
Light Sensitivity-Basic Information E18
Before You Begin the Marshall Protocol E19
D-Metabolites Tests E20
Handling of blood for D-metabolites tests - 2004 Letter from Quest Diagnostics explaining how they handle the specimens. E22
Reliable labs E23
The D-metabolites can be done nonfasting but it wouldn't hurt to fast. Either way is fine. E24
The value of testing cytokines E25
Quest confirms 1,25-D sample still needs to be frozen for shipment E26
uest labs verifies low 25-D in Th1 inflammation E27
Measurement of D2 and D3 E28
Variations inherent in 25-D test results E29
Dr. Marshall's papers published in medical journals E30
ARF applications to the FDA E33
DVDs E34
Presentations and papers by colleagues E35
History of the Marshall Protocol E36
Dr Marshall's Profile E37
A brief biography of Dr. Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. E38
Benicar is safe to take at the recommended Marshall Protocol doses E39
Evidence that taking Benicar at the MP recommended doses is safe E40
Frequently Asked Questions About Benicar E41
The right kind of Benicar E42
Inclusion criteria for study site counseling and participation in the ARF phase II clinical study of the Marshall Protocol E43
Availability of Benicar by country E44
Sources of Benicar E45
Financial help for purchasing Benicar E46
Testimonials on the need to avoid light, page #1 E47
Testimonials on the need to avoid light, page #2 E48
Testimonials on the need to avoid light, page #3 E49
Vitamin D Tutorial E50
Vitamin D metabolism and Th1 inflammation E51
Vitamin D studies in Th1 inflammation E52
1,25-D is at the top of the hormone cascade E53
Articles on vitamin D for skeptics E54
1,25 D does not control intracellular calcium concentration E55
Nutritional sources of vitamin D may not be necessary E56
Difficulties inherent in publishing new information about vitamin D metabolism E57
Activation of the VDR is necessary for calcium to be absorbed from the gut E58
Epidemiological study finds a strong association between high 1,25 D levels and osteoporosis. E59
All D-metabolites are seco-steroids E60
VDR Nuclear Receptor Competence is the Key to Recovery from Chronic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease E61
The effect of 25-D on the vitamin D Receptor E62
RICKETS (Osteomalacia) E63
Stores of vitamin D gradually drop E64
skin color and vitamin D E65
Political climate affects the way vitamin D is studied and perceived E66
1,25-D is immunosuppressive E67
Study shows Vit D upregulates cathlecidin E68
Test your vitamin D knowledge E69
Action regarding health issues may take many years E70
Pregnancy increases 1,25-D E71
The Myths and Realities of Vitamin D and Sunlight E72
Folder of MP information for your doctor E73
Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria and the MP E74
Common interpretation errors of bacterial cultures E75
Photos and pictures of CWD bacteria E76
Intracellular microbiota cause chronic, degenerative diseases E77
Understanding antibiotics action E78
How a scientist might be able to deduce how a microscopic bacterium worked, just by analyzing its genome E79
The need for a Benicar blockade E80
Immunosupression and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Antibacterial Agents E81
Infection eyed as culprit in chronic disease E82
The superiority of minocycline over other tetracyclines E83
Red cell versus white cell infection E84
Horizontal-DNA-transfer between intracellular bacteria E85
Cytokines E86
CDC is starting to wonder about with chronic disease. E87
Antibiotics are not harmful E88
Which cells are infected? E89
There are many species of pathogens involved E90
DNA 'soup' E91
A Brief Overview of Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Relation to the Marshall Protocol E92
Blockade of mitochondrial ribosomes E93
How inflammation overpowers the immune system E94
Measles Virus-induced Immunosuppression E95
Low doses of antibiotics more effective E96
Cell-wall-deficient bacterial forms may be involved in the pathogenesis of chronic and latent lung infections. E97
Interspecies microbial interactions may alter the course of disease, the response to therapy and the population structure of bacterial communities E98
Antibiotic Minimun Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) E99
Bacteria Sneaks and Hides in Cells E100
A review of bacteria in L-phase and their possible clinical significance E101
graphic illustrates The Disease Process of Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) Bacteria E102
How To Manage Immunopathology (immune system reactions) E103
How to adjust MP meds to manage immunopathology E104
Personal tool kit for dealing with IP E105
How to assess symptoms E106
When To Increase Antibiotics E107
Alternating the ramping schedule E108
What to do when immunopathology (immune system reaction) is too strong E109
When to take low-dose, high-frequency minocycline E110
Quercetin E111
What is immunopathology? E112
Observations of Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction in Sarcoidosis Patients E113
Immune system reaction in other diseases E114
Immune Cascade E115
Letter for prospective MP patients E116
Letters of Medical Necessity E117
Consent to Treatment form E118
Letter to insurance company E119
How can I find out if my pharmacy benefits (insurance coverage for prescription drugs) will cover my prescription? E120
What if my plan doesn't cover my prescription? E121
Is there an easy way to get my prescription refilled for Benicar? E122
Off-label use for Benicar E123
letter to MEDCO E124
mail order E125
Appealing insurance company decision to reject Benicar E126
Insurance coverage for the Marshall Protocol E127
Humana/Medicare part D approves Benicar at 120/month E128
Letter for insurer who denies Benicar dosage E129
Papers to present in the event of Benicar denial E130
more info on Benicar denial E131
Tips To Effectively Battle Your Insurance Company E132
Suggestions To Get Your Doctor On Board With the MP E133
If you need to find a new doctor E134
How to approach your doctor about the MP E135
Ask to use the MP as a therapeutic probe (for approaching reluctant MDs) E136
When a doctor is skeptical of information from the Internet E137
Letter explaining the MP to a physician E138
Your doctor may call Dr Marshall anytime to discuss your treatment E139
Doctors are historically resistant to change E140
letter from Trevor to patient-- my apologies that finding a doctor is so hard E141
Members' experiences with finding an MP doctor E142
argument to be made to a doctor for off-label use of Benicar E143
Published papers for your doctor's 'due diligence' file E144
Reference material for busy MDs new to the MP E145
Letter of introduction for your MP supportive doctor E146
Quick-Scan Symptom Chart E147
Blood pressure monitors E148
Blood glucose meters E149
Pill reminder alarms E150
Digital timers, watches, pillboxes, reminder bracelets. helpful hints E151
Financial help with Rx medications E152
Suggestions for taking bad-tasting medications E153
Online diaries E154
Food Tips E155
Testimonials to the need to avoid ingested Vitamin D E156
A Low carbohydrate diet is recommended E157
Other food additives that can make you sick E158
Food labeling E159
Helpful food websites E160
Breads, pasta, cereal, etc.. E161
Oils E162
Inform food manufacturers that you object to supplementing foods with Vitamin D E163
There is no need to eat Vitamin D to be healthy E164
Cooking/baking without eggs yolks or milk E165
Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus E166
Meat E167
Omega 3 Fatty Acids E168
Dairy products E169
Hidden sources of fish E170
Tea/ Coffee/caffeine: E171
Sources of Calcium without Vitamin D E172
Water E173
Foods to help you gain weight E174
Appetite E175
Food versus supplements for nutrients E176
Maintaining weight E177
Eat real food E178
MP Food Choices Simplified E179
Mushrooms E180
A website to help you keep track of nutrients E181
Tube feeding supplement without vitamin D E182
Foods containing vitamin D E183
Avoid Supplemental Folic Acid in Your Diet E184
Foods High in Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates E185
Avoid these additives E186
Soy products are immunosuppressive and should be limited E187
Chlorogenic acid and genistein E188
The importance of protecting your eyes E189
NoIR sunglasses E190
Obtaining NoIRs in other countries E191
Stylish sunglasses E192
Prescription sunglasses E193
Four types of sunglasses and their typical use E194
NoIR clipons E195
Getting a good fit w/ NoIRs E196
Maintaining your NoIR sunglasses E197
Night driving E198
Yellow or amber-tinted sunglasses best E199
Protecting your eyes at work E200
Oakley sunglassses are not enough protection E201
Light avoidance simplified E202
How to turn down the brightness of a TV screen or computer monitor E203
Measuring lux, light meter E204
different kinds of lighting E205
Testimonials to the need to wear adequate eye protection E206
Contact lenses E207
How To Identify Immunopathology (Herx, IP) E208
New symptoms due to immunopathology E209
Members relate their experiences with immunopathology E210
Back pain can be immunopathology E211
How to lessen incapacity caused by immunopathology E212
You need to feel worse before you feel better E213
Why It's Necessary to Avoid Natural Light and Bright Lights E214
Lighting Suggestions E215
Light Considerations Simplified: E216
2% ketoconazole cream (from 2005) E217
Gardening at night E218
Precuations to take when going out E219
Outside activities E220
What does 30 lux mean?. E221
Saunas E222
Ketoconazole cream - How is it working for you? E223
Clothing E224
Window coverings E225
The Effect of Sunlight/Daylight and Bright Lights on Persons with Inflammatory Disease E226
The effect of light on the brain E227
Correlation between latitude and MP participation rate E228
Underground physical working does not seem to be a significant risk factor for low 25-OHD levels E229
Photosensitivity During Recovery from Th1 Inflammatory Disease E230
Weaning From Steroid Medications E231
Adrenal function tests E232
Adrenal insufficiency and Th1 inflammation E233
Suggestions to help dampen steroid withdrawal symptoms E234
Prednisone's effect on the immune system may affect your progress on the MP E235
Members' experiences with weaning from steroids E236
How to divide a 1mg Prednisone tablet E237
Cortisol is not a supplement E238
Downloadable MP Documents E239
Infectious Etiology/Pathology of Sarcoidosis E240
Bacterial evidence for chronic idiopathic diseases E241
Study - Latent intracellular macrophage colonies are an important causal factor in Sarcoidosis and Fibromyalgia (FMS) inflammation. E242
about multiple sclerosis as an infection E243
Crohn's disease E244
ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) E245
Osteoarthritis E246
Scleroderma E247
Vitiligo E248
Incident Radiation E249
How did you deduce that infrared light-- the energetically weakest form of light-- catalyzes the creation of D? E250
The Importance of Avoiding Vitamin D E251
The Importance of Avoiding Supplemental Folic Acid E252
The Importance of Avoiding Refined Sugar and Excess Carbohydrates E253
Hypervitaminosis-D Symptoms E254
Insurer refuses to pay for Benicar (forum discussion) E255
Medical Abbreviations E256
Dr. Marshall's Interview at ImmuneSupport.com 07-06-04 E257
Basic blood tests for the MP E258

Table 3: Side Topics

Side Topics are listed here.

Topic(s) ID
Uveitis S0
Renin-Angiotensin System and the Eye S1
Members discuss their eye problems S2
Studies and scientific papers on eye inflammation S3
Relieving eye symptoms S4
Cataracts S5
Glaucoma S6
Optical phenomena S7
Eye medications S8
Eye exams S9
Dry Eyes and eye drops S10
Improved vision with the MP S11
Contact Lenses S12
Eye inflammation and CFS S13
Macular Degeneration S14
Avoiding natural light exposure to skin is essential S15
Detached retina S16
Vasculitis (visibly red conjuctiva) S17
Sarcoidosis and the Marshall Protocol S18
Pulmonary involvement S19
Symptoms of sarcoidosis S20
Remission in sarcoidosis? S21
Diagnosis of sarcoidosis S22
Staging system for sarcoidosis S23
elevated ACE serum test esp. as it pertains to sarcoidosis S24
Infectious etiology of sarcoidosis S25
Cutaneous anergy S26
Bloodwork for sarcoidosis (could apply to other conditions) S27
serum calcium S28
sarcoidosis and sunlight/vitamin D; also early vitamin D research and chronic disease S29
Standard treatments for sarcoidosis prednisone S30
Standard treatments for sarcoidosis: Methotrexate (MTX) S31
Standard treatments for sarcoidosis: Anti-TNF-a drugs S32
Standard treatments for sarcoidosis: Plaquenil S33
Sarcoidosis is communicable S34
LUNG TRANSPLANT for sarcoidosis patients S37
ACCESS STUDY for sarcoidosis S38
Pregnancy S39
Familial Aggregation in sarcoidosis S40
epidemiology of sarcoidosis S41
Studies reporting Mycobacterium Avium (MAC) as an opportunistic infection in sarcoidosis S42
Chemotherapy S43
Sarcoidosis patients must avoid ingested Vitamin D S44
Images of cutaneous sarcoidosis S45
Statins are contraindicated on the MP S46
Death from Sarcoidosis S47
Immunosuppressive and Cytotoxic Therapy for Pulmonary Sarcoidosis S48
Standard of Care and sarcoidosis S49
politics of sarcoidosis (WASOG) S50
Sleep Apnea and Sarcoidosis S51
Disease Clusters and Husband/Wife Cases w/ sarcoidosis S52
Cautionary Warning for Sarcoidosis Patients Who May Be Hospitalized S53
Letter to the NIH from a long-time sarcoidosis sufferer S54
Why Does the Body Make Granulomas? S55
Sarcoidosis can cause false positives in cancer tests S56
Results of typical standard sarcoidosis treatment by a sarcoidosis 'expert' S57
Infectious Triggers of Mental Illness S58
Psychedelic dreams S59
Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa S60
Depression S61
Anxiety and stress S62
Neurological manifestations of borreliosis/Lyme disease S63
OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) S64
Treating mental illness with the MP S65
Schizophrenia tied to a range of autoimmune ills S66
Bipolar disorder (manic-depression) S67
Recognizing neuro-psychiatric symptoms S68
Coughs and sneezes spread mind diseases S69
Seizure disorder (epilepsy) S70
Treating bipolar disorder with the MP S71
Atherosclerois (coronary artery disease) S72
Elevated CRP and heart disease S73
Bacterial etiology of heart disease S74
Heart failure S75
Cardiac Herxheimer may mimic myocardial infarction S76
Myocarditis S77
Tachycardia S78
Statins are overprescribed S79
Treating heart disease with the Marshall Protocol S80
Hypertension, inflammation and atherosclerosis S81
Pulmonary hypertension S82
Pacemakers S83
How ARBs may help atrial fibrillation S84
Angiotensin II Receptor Blockade Expert Column S85
Antibiotic Shows Promise as Stroke Treatment S86
Rogue Bacteria Involved In Both Heart Disease And Infertility S87
Cardiac sarcoidosis underlies idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. S88
Olmetec(R) Is First Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) To Suggest Atherosclerosis Regression S89
Pain Control S90
TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units S91
Factors that exacerbate pain S92
Back pain S93
Physical therapy may reduce Th1 inflammation and pain S94
Visualization techniques for pain S95
Pain medications S96
Cold weather can exacerbate joint pain S97
The therapeutic effect of pets S98
Massage S99
Migraine headaches S100
Non medication strategies to reduce pain S101
Trigger point therapy S102
Morphine may be immunosuppressive S103
Painful drug war victory S104
The Poor Management of Pain S105
FDA Finds More Deaths From Improper Use of Painkiller Fentanyl (Durogesic) S106
Inflammation causes cancer S107
Breast cancer S108
Skin Cancer S109
Prostate Cancer S110
Diagnosing Cancer Accurately S111
Are cellular changes caused by cancer permanent? S112
Book review of Four Women Against Cancer S113
Studies of cancer and Th1 inflammation S114
Studies of Cancer and Infection S115
Cancer gene therapy S116
Cancer Research in Flames S117
Why are studies showing that increased Vitamin D reduces the risk of cancer? S118
Omega-6 turns on inflammatory genes important in cancer S119
Hodgkin's disease S120
Ovarian Cancer S121
Lung cancer S122
Colon cancer and colonoscopy S123
The MP and cancer treatment S124
Liver cancer S125
Granulomas versus cancer S126
Antibiotic Fights Chlamydia-Linked Eye Cancer S127
Chemotherapy and Radiation S128
An interview with Dr. Alan Cantwell MD S129
The politics of cancer S130
Bladder cancer S131
Difficult decisions re: cancer S132
Questions on Efficacy Cloud a Cancer Vaccine S133
Winning the (propaganda) war on cancer S134
Treatment may fuel cancer's spread, study finds S135
Colorectal cancer S136
Immune System Can Drive Cancer Into Dormant State S137
"Epidemiology is not 'science'. Its findings are not irrefutable." S138
FDA trials S139
Scientific evidence is not fact S140
"Clinical Studies 101" S141
Correlation Studies S142
Lack of interdisciplinary cooperation S143
Statistics S144
Article touting vitamin D is ghostwritten by drug company rep S145
"Typical" heart patients not represented in trials S146
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False S147
We need an unbiased, efficient system to get the word out to practitioners on what works best. S148
"...in scientific journals, no less than in supermarket tabloids, you can't believe everything you read -- or shouldn't." S149
Scientists studying vitamin D do not consider the fact they are studying a steroid S150
Scientific revolutions require a pardigm shift S151
Consensus thinking S152
In-vitro studies S153
Human and murine macrophages are different S154
It is not possible to understand the immune system without many years of study S155
Most Science Studies Appear to Be Tainted By Sloppy Analysis S156
Th1 inflammation and dental problems S157
Dental pain S158
Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) pain S159
Will minocycline stain teeth? S160
Tooth Abscess S161
Members improvement in dental problems on the MP S162
Should I delay fixing dental problems? S163
Root canals S164
Mercury fillings S165
Mouthwash S166
Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental work S167
Canker sores or apthous ulcers S168
Pulp Stones (dental) S169
Caring for your teeth and gums S170
Periodontal disease S171
Helpful Hints for a dental visit S172
Analgesia or sedation for dental procedures S173
Diabetes is a Th1 inflammatory disease S174
Tests to monitor diabetes S175
Member's with diabetes S176
Infectious cause of diabetes S177
Diabetes and the Marshall Protocol S178
Diabetic diet S179
Eye problems are common in diabetics S180
Pancreatic transplants have high failure rate S181
HbA1c (a misspelling? is it HgA1c? S182
ARBs and diabetes S183
Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Deepens S184
The Renin-Angiotensin system and insulin resistance. S185
Bacterial Processes Seem Key to CFS Remission S186
members with ME/CFS S187
Classic history of CFS S188
Heavy metals esp. w/ regard to CFS S189
Length of treatment esp. w/ regard to CFS S190
Why does the MP appear to be taking longer to resolve Lyme/borreliosis and CFS than sarcoidosis? S191
A CFS patient's experience with the Marshall Protocol S192
The science behind Th1 inflammation is solid S193
Articles about a bacterial connection link to CFS S194
Clinical trials for CFS S195
CDC moves towards recognizing CFS S196
Diagnostic labels esp. w/ regard to CFS S197
What is your take on why this drug is helping these CFS sufferers? S198
New name for chronic fatigue syndrome - 'Myalgic Encephalopathy' S199
Basic information on thyroid disease S200
Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) S201
Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid condition) S202
Parathyroid Hormone and Th1 inflammation S203
The effect of Th1 inflammation on the thyroid hormones S204
Thyroid supplementation while on the Marshall Protocol S205
Thyroid function affects bone health S206
T3 supplementation is preferable to T4 S207
Wilson's syndrome S208
Member's experience with thyroid disorder S209
Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome S210
members experience with Post Treatment Lyme Disease S211
Lyme disease S212
Dr Marshall's presentation at "30th Anniversary of Lyme" S213
Fibromyalgia masks as PTLDS S214
Testing for Lyme/borreliosis S215
Lyme/Borreliosis - testing may be needed for disability S216
Will the MP clear cyst forms and coccoid forms? (Lyme issue) S217
What to do if you are bitten by a tick S218
The Marshall Protocol and borreliosis S219
Study finds changes in Lyme bacteria - Lyme Bacteria mate! S220
Tick-Borne and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases S221
Dr Garth Nicholson's presentation at "30th Anniversary of Lyme" Conference S222
Plasmids and resistance S223
Is it possible to have what appear to be classic Lyme symptoms over a long period of time, and then get test results that are at the lowest possible dilution?" S224
why are we elevating Borrelia to status as the primary pathogen? S225
The use of antifungals for chronic Lyme S226
Why the Borrelia Genome can reveal how the bacterium works S228
Can MP effectiveness against Lyme spirochete be shown in-vitro? S229
Bacteria change to L-forms whenever their environment gets very harsh. S230
Lyme Inc. S231
Why the MP cures chronic borreliosis when other treatments fail S232
Why might a person have many serious symptoms yet have a low Bowen RIBb test dilution ratio? S233
Why do some Lymies say the MP doesn't work? S234
Can borrelia change from spirochete to coccoid to L-forms? S235
Why does the MP appear to be taking longer to resolve Lyme/borreliosis and CFS than sarcoidosis? S236
Info published about Lyme disease is not up-to-date S237
HLA tests for Lyme disease S238
Do not donate blood if you have Lyme/borreliosis S239
When To Suspect Lyme Disease S240
IV Rocephin treatment for chronic Lyme/borreliosis S241
How to remove a tick S242
Q: Why do some Lymies recover in just a few weeks on IV antibiotics? S243
Pesky Lyme disease hangs on Medical professionals disagree on treatment S244
Is Lyme disease always poly microbial?-The jigsaw hypothesis. S245
The politics of Lyme disease S246
Invasion of human neuronal and glial cells by an infectious strain of Borrelia burgdorferi. S247
ARBs and arthritis S248
Osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) S249
Personal experiences with arthritis S250
Anti-TNF Antibody Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Risk of Serious Infections and Malignancies S251
Cancer Risks Detailed for Arthritis Drugs S252
Reiter's syndrome and HLA axis S253
Death risk linked to steroid use for arthritis S254
Angiotensin receptor blockers suppress antigen-specific T cell responses and ameliorate collagen-induced arthritis in mice S255
Traducción MP información básica. (Spanish translation) S256
Protocolo Marshall, Fase 1 (Spanish translation) S257
Bernie Mac / celebs with sarcoidosis S258
The Aging Process and Th1 Inflammation S259
Alzheimer's disease S260
Patients experiences with Alzheimer's S261
Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Deepens S262
Study shows that most older adults have signs of brain damage S263
Depressed people more prone to Alzheimer's: study S264
Some Bacteria make you Fat, some Thin (obesity) S265
Probiotics and obesity S266
Firmicutes and CWD species S267
Resolving obesity S268
Diet pills S269
Members' experiences w/ obesity S270
Do regulatory T Cells Contribute to Th1 Skewness in Obesity? S271
Social networks and obesity S272
Childhood obesity S273
There is no study proving a causal link between lifestyle and obesity. S274
Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus S275
Study Ties Belly Fat to Dementia S276
French translations of MP papers S277
Aliments naturellement haut en Vitamine D à éviter (French translation) S279
MP Choix Alimentaires Simplifiés (French translation) S280
Lettre d’introduction pour votre docteur supporteur MP (French translation) S281
Comment savoir si je suis prêt pour la phase deux? (French) S282
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity S283
Electronic personal air purifiers S284
Metabolic changes in the brain esp. re: MCS S285
Product labeling esp re: MCS S286
Members' reports of improvement in MCS symptoms S287
Hints for MCS sufferers who may be hospitalized S288
Massage & Physical therapy (forum discussion) S289
Skin Inflammation S290
Disability S291
Lyme disease and disability S292
Help is available to anyone seeking private insurance disability S293
Members suggestions re: disability S294
Working while on disability S295
"People With Inflammatory Bowel Disease More Likely to Suffer From Debilitating Respiratory and Nerve Disorders" S296
Crohn's disease uveitis. Parasitization of vitreous leukocytes by mollicute-like organisms. S297
High 1,25-D and osteoporosis in Crohn's disease S298
Mycobacteria avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) is the pathogen suspected of causing Crohn's disease. S299
Targeted Antibiotics Lead to Long-lasting Improvement in IBS Symptoms S300
Members working with their Drs re Crohn's Disease S301
Doctor: Infection is at root of Crohn's disease -- Newsday.com S302
Host Defences - UCSD 2006 (Trevor Marshall's presentation) S303
Relationships between vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and bone mineral density in inflammatory bowel disease. S304
Vitamin D and the vitamin D receptor are critical for control of the innate immune response to colonic injury. S305
Does a virus (HHV-6A) cause MS? S306
D-metabolite levels in MS S307
Diagnosis of MS S308
paper on cytokine profiles in MS S309
Minocycline and MS S310
Bacterial etiology of MS S311
Fatigue and MS S312
Stanford Doctors Spotlight Fatal Flaw In Multiple Sclerosis Drug Trial S313
Interferon S314
Member experience with MS S315
Genetic etiology of MS disputed S316
Myelin sheath (MS, a peripheral neuropathy) S317
Antibiotics 'could help slow MS' S318
Frozen shoulder (forum discussion) S319
GENETIC defects & Th1 inflammation S320
Low carbohydrate diets S311a
low carb eating on a budget S312a
Sugar S313a
Sugar S314a
Artificial sweeteners S315a
Fruits low and high in sugar S316a
Low Carb Vegetables S317a
Protein Primer S318a
Starch S319a
Fiber S320a
Patient (medical) Records Need Reviews S321
ALS (amylotrophic lateral sclerosis) S322
Trevor's comments on ALS S323
Cell Wall-Deficient (CWD) Bacterial Pathogens: Could Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Be Due to One? S324
Birth control S325
Hormone replace therapy (HRT) S326
Natural Hormone Balance for Women by Dr. Uzzi Reiss, M.D S327
Pathogens may affect changes in hormones S328
papers on HIV/AIDS S329
AIDS and 1,25-D S330
Do you think using antiretroviral therapy (ART) in sick patients with low 1,25 D as a preliminary intervention is worthwhile prior to starting MP? S331
Dr. Marshall's papers on AIDS S332
Dr. Marshall's comments on AIDS S333
HIV virus replicates with the help of the Vitamin D receptor. S334
Menopause discussion, page 1 S335
Menopause discussion, page 2 S336
Asthma S337
Colonoscopy S338
Trigger finger S339
Smoking S340
UK foods list (forum discussion) S341
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2005 S342
Recognizing stroke symptoms S343
Fluoroquinolone antibiotics S344
Traveling S345
quercetin, Benicar and heartburn (Quercetin is now semi-contraindicated) S346
Emotional lability-mood swings (forum discussion, page 1) S347
Emotional lability-mood swings (forum discussion, page 2) S348
fainting (forum discussion) S349
Lyme Rage S350
alcohol S351
Solumbra accessories (forum discussion) S352
Lyme cysts S353
impact of MP on hormones, page 1 S354
impact of MP on hormones, page 2 S355
impact of MP on hormones, page 3 S356
impact of MP on hormones, page 4 S357
Caffeine intake increases the rate of bone loss in elderly women and interacts with vitamin D receptor genotypes. S358
Donating blood, organs, tissues, or bone marrow (forum discussion) S359
Ketoconazole cream - How is it working for you? (forum discussion) S360
Ketoconazole cream - How is it working for you? (forum discussion) S361
How do I talk to everyday people about the mp.without them thinking I'm crazy (forum discussion) S362
conflict of interest at 2005 American Thoracic Society Conference (forum discussion) S363
MP - Introduction to Links & Information (//long list of links and advice//, page 1) S364
Should couples do the MP at the same time? S365
Example of an understanding spouse S366
When a family is antagonistic S367
Reaching out – letting friends and family know about the MP S368
Reaching out – letting friends and family know about the MP, presentation #2 S369
Family Support S370
How to talk to acquaintances about the MP S371
Mood improvement suggestions (forum discussion) S372
Raynaud's Phenomenon S373
Dramatic reaction to fluorescent lights (forum discussion) S374
Osteoporosis, osteopenia and Th1 illness S375
What does my bone density test mean? S376
Ways to increase bone density S377
Scientific studies on bone density S378
Continued Bone Loss? S379
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