Addison's disease


Those with a tendency to high potassium levels would be helped by our home made 'Jigsaw water'. Read the details in sodium bicarbonate

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I decreased my Benicar back to every 6 hours for Monday and the nausea came back and my muscles were so sore like I exercised, which I didn't. I increased Benicar back to every 4 hours and am much better. Previously, when ever I had increased Benicar for more than a week, it made me nauseous and this time I am nauseated on the lower dose. I am going through a Lyme flair and my body must need the extra? I am a little sad about one thing though, My one year mark on the MP is later this month and my goal was to be off of the Cortef completely. I did go from 20mg to less than 5mg and with the Addison's, I didn't think even that was possible.


Recovering from surgery on the HPA axis, it seems as if my pituitary is not signalling my kidneys resulting in hypocortolism. This is different from Addison's (adrenal failure originating in the kidneys) or the other typical reasons MPers end up on Cortef (e.g., use as a steroid).


Anything to do with language, but especially writing (even while wearing NoirsSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light.) causes even more fatigue, plus the sensation as if fireworks are being set off within my brain, which can last for several days, and take up to several weeks to recover from. Just writing a few sentences can be enough to set this off! This leads to (additional) sleep disturbances, quite severe brain fogThe loss of intellectual functions such as reasoning; memory loss; and other neurological abilities that is severe enough to interfere with daily functioning., (again) worsening language skills, and other temporary neurological setbacks.

This is probably the result of the nerve damage I sustained due to very late treatment of my vitamin B12-deficiency, in my case caused by the autoimmune disease Pernicious Anemia. (Or better, to avoid the mistakes this often mis-used term can lead to: Addison-Biermer's Disease.) The B12-deficiency caused Subacute Combined Degeneration of my spinal cord and brain, and it's only since start of treatment with (frequent) B12-injections (May 2009), that this has very gradually been reversing. (So, before I started OlmesartanMedication taken regularly by patients on the Marshall Protocol for its ability to activate the Vitamin D Receptor. Also known by the trade name Benicar. , in 2012.) Over time, among a great many other symptoms, B12-deficiency had made me lose most of my ability to read, write and speak, and had caused quite advanced dementia. I am now way better than at the start of B12-injections, and many neurological and other symptoms have greatly improved since, including the symptoms listed above.

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Vitamin D discovery outpaces FDA decision making.
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