Cat scratch fever

Cat Scratch Fever, a form of Bartonella …

Evidence of infectious cause

Dr B suggested I could have bartonella. When I was 3 I got a kitten. I got scratched all to pieces and ended up in the hospital with eczema, I know some of it was on my legs. I remember being in hospital but that's it. I don't remember how bad I was or what the symptoms were, or how I was treated other than I remember scary nuns rubbing cream on my legs. I have never heard of eczema bad enough to be hospitalized other than my experience. They then pronounced I was allergic to cats and got rid of the kitten. I still sometimes get eczema on my hands, a couple years ago PABA seemed to help it but then I was also supplementing with vitamin D at 1000 IU a day. Go figure. I think that's what got me into this mess now. Lrb

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Sherry Cook

sarcoidosis, cat scratch fever, restless leg syndrome

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