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 //​**Claudia**,​ MarshallProtocol.com//</​blockquote>​ //​**Claudia**,​ MarshallProtocol.com//</​blockquote>​
 +==== Patient'​s chart ====
 +//with notes re eating meat before a test//
 +Creatinine, at 130 umole/L, was above normal range from the start. It took a few months to reach around 150 umole/L which seemed to become the basic level for the the next 11 years with peaks above that level being associated with other factors. The two anomalous peaks above 200umole/L were associated with having meat meals too close to the time of the test. The creatine and creatinine content in vertebrate muscle, or creatine supplements,​ can be absorbed to add to the body's potential to generate serum creatinine (70Effect of a Cooked Meat Meal on Serum Creatinine and Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease | Diabetes Care). After the early 200+ peak, from a sample taken after a light chicken lunch, meat was avoided for a day or two before sampling for subsequent tests. ​
 +The other exception was the second last one, for which meat was eaten the night before sampling. ​   Apart from the aberrations arising from meat eating, eGFR values remained in the 30 to 40 range throughout the 11 year period. Thus the MP treatment, while inducing an initial fall in eGFR, has subsequently allowed the kidney function to remain stable. ​
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