Restless leg syndrome



You could try magnesium which occasionally helps relieve muscle tension. See Is it okay to take magnesium? or see Valium

-Some of us have gained great relief from RLS by reducing our intake of salicylates. ~Julia

-I have recently had a coffee (it contains opioid antagonist) after a longer period of abstinence (15 days) and it made my legs hurt so bad and twitch. ~wrotec

-if I wake up enough to recognise that it's happening I've found a method that usually fixes it. I get up and walk on the spot with exaggerated arm and leg motions until my muscles are almost burning with fatigue. then I lie down, my limbs feel nice and heavy and no longer restless, and usually I can get to sleep. I even used to do this as a pre-emptive measure.

Some doctors prescribe Mirapex (pramipexole) for restless leg syndrome.

Evidence of infectious cause

Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep-Related Movement Disorders. 1)

as the MP has progressed I'm finding I get restless limbs less often :) It even went away for a couple of months and now comes back sometimes, but less frequently. ~RichardM

Recent research

Restless legs syndrome 2)

Restless Legs Syndrome: clinical features, diagnosis and a practical approach to management. 3)

Emerging Concepts of the Pathophysiology and Adverse Outcomes of RLS 4)

Relationship between lesion location and post-stroke RLS 5)

Fe deficiency and sleep 6)

RLS following the use of ziprasidone: a case report 7)

The MMF07 foot massage device and heat therapy may be effective 8)

Prevalence of symptomatic insomnia & prevalence of RLS higher among patients with rheumatic diseases 9)

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in patients with sleep disorders 10)

Looking for other causes 11)

Patient interviews

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sarcoidosis, cat scratch fever, restless leg syndrome

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Interviews of patients with other diseases are also available.

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