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Restless legs may be due to nerve inflammation which can be slow to resolve.


You could try magnesium which occasionally helps relieve muscle tension. See Is it okay to take magnesium? or see Valium

-Some of us have gained great relief from RLS by reducing our intake of salicylates. ~Julia

-I have recently had a coffee (it contains opioid antagonist) after a longer period of abstinence (15 days) and it made my legs hurt so bad and twitch. ~wrotec

-if I wake up enough to recognise that it's happening I've found a method that usually fixes it. I get up and walk on the spot with exaggerated arm and leg motions until my muscles are almost burning with fatigue. then I lie down, my limbs feel nice and heavy and no longer restless, and usually I can get to sleep. I even used to do this as a pre-emptive measure.

Some doctors prescribe Mirapex (pramipexole) for restless leg syndrome.

Evidence of infectious cause

Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep-Related Movement Disorders. 1)

as the MP has progressed I'm finding I get restless limbs less often :) It even went away for a couple of months and now comes back sometimes, but less frequently. ~RichardM

Recent research

Restless legs syndrome 2)

Restless Legs Syndrome: clinical features, diagnosis and a practical approach to management. 3)

Emerging Concepts of the Pathophysiology and Adverse Outcomes of RLS 4)

Relationship between lesion location and post-stroke RLS 5)

Fe deficiency and sleep 6)

RLS following the use of ziprasidone: a case report 7)

The MMF07 foot massage device and heat therapy may be effective 8)

Prevalence of symptomatic insomnia & prevalence of RLS higher among patients with rheumatic diseases 9)

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in patients with sleep disorders 10)

Looking for other causes 11)

Patient interviews

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sarcoidosis, cat scratch fever, restless leg syndrome

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Interviews of patients with other diseases are also available.

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