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One of the symptoms of chronic disease is weight loss. Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis. (MP) patients can add certain foods to their diets, including nuts, fruits, and dairy products, to help maintain or gain weight, if necessary. The ideal such food is one which is high in calories, free of vitamin D, and low in folic acid and sugars. If there is a choice between eating low carbohydrate and maintaining a reasonable weight, MP patients are advised to maintain weight.

Foods for gaining weight

Some whole foods

  • nuts - full of protein, fiber and nutrients without the added vitamin D; very dense in fat/calories
  • nut butters - peanut butter is the most familiar; unprocessed varieties are most desirable
  • certain dairy products - high-fat, low-sugar dairy products that do not contain vitamin D or more than 6% of vitamin A are a good way to add quality calories; cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are good examples
  • Fat rich, unprocessed meats, for example lamb loin chops; well marbled beef

While it may be true that eating dairy products high in fat will, theoretically, contain some vitamin D, the risk/benefit tips in favor of calorie density to maintain weight. (avoid organ meats like liver and kidneys).

Other foods, including supplements

Commercial dietary supplements, though generally discouraged for MP patients, may be necessary for MP patients who cannot maintain their weight with natural foods alone. MP patients should check their 25-DThe vitamin D metabolite widely (and erroneously) considered best indicator of vitamin D "deficiency." Inactivates the Vitamin D Nuclear Receptor. Produced by hydroxylation of vitamin D3 in the liver. levels periodically to help confirm that they have not been consuming foods that contain hidden sources of vitamin D.

  • sugar-free dark chocolate candy - consume if sugar alcohols are tolerable; does not affect glycemia
  • Balance CarbWell bars - have some folic acid, but everything else in them is acceptable for MP patients; does not affect glycemia
  • AdvantEdge by EAS - any high-protein drink that is not supplemented with vitamin D is acceptable, but most are, so the label must be checked each time

Tips for eating to gain weight

Eating six or more small “meals” throughout the day may allow one to eat more.

Having a variety of healthy foods on hand and expending as little energy as possible preparing them may be helpful.

Keeping snack foods in front of the television is reputed to increase weight.

Food for loss

Brown rice (BR) is unpolished rice with various beneficial compounds such as vitamins, magnesium and other minerals, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, γ-oryzanol and γ-aminobutyric acid.

, and is anti-inflammatory

Brown Rice diet in comparison with White Rice diet could significantly reduce weight, waist and hip circumference, BMI, Diastole blood pressure and hs-CRP. No significant differences between the two diets were found regarding lipid profiles and FBG.


Do not keep snack foods in front of the television.

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