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Immune suppressive environments


Polluted air and water impact on health: avoid as much as possible.

Some communities have excellent tap water, but for many people water purifiers or bottled water could help recovery.

Air quality is also an issue.

Smoking alters the lung microbiome, and thus the symptoms and any disease markers.

New cars, among other problems, expose passengers to small quantities of fumes from the new materials. A bigger problem is the amount of RF radiation generated in recent vehicles.

Home environments are very often more polluted than outdoors. Simple traditional cleaning methods are safer than commercial cleaning products.


Stress increases adrenaline, which supplies energy to cope actively with perceived danger.

But prolonged stress, particularly where physical response is inadvisable, becomes a problem. Neighbours, workplace, even family members may contribute to perceived stress.

Proven stress management techniques are meditation and Tai Chi.

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