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 //Hoffer 2017//</​blockquote>​ //Hoffer 2017//</​blockquote>​
-===== Notes and comments ===== 
 +{{tag>​lifestyle Lifestyle_modifications}}
---- //Sallie Q 04.04.2017// ​ adds para. on avoiding ingested immune suppressants ​and external pollution+===== Notes and comments =====
-permission to place  from David (Hoffer) written 26 Aug 
-I can’t stress enough how having a strong Faraday Cage has contributed to my recoveryThings change so rapidly inside that IP at the beginning of the month is quite different from IP at the end of the monthAt the beginning of this month I was experiencing massive skin IP in the form of a rash covering my whole body with massive itchingAt the end of the month the rash is almost gone and itching is insignificant. ​+--- //Sallie Q 04.04.2017// ​ adds paraon avoiding ingested immune suppressants ​and external pollution
-The more quiet it gets inside the cage the more I’m able to tell that even simple electronic devices had to be replaced. I’ve gone from electronic clocks, metronome, and timer to all mechanical forms. The only electronics inside the cage now are LCD lights that AFAIK have no detectable EMF signal. 
-I can’t stress this enough - for anyone who feels that they are not making progress on the olmesartan alone - you can’t consider the MP a failure until you build a strong Faraday Cage and spend time inside and experience what happens. You need to experience it to truly understand how big of a deal this truly is.  
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