Lifestyle modifications

The following article points to other articles, which review some of the lifestyle modifications patients on the Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis. (MP) make in order to have a successful treatment outcome.

Physical activity and exercise

For Marshall Protocol (MP) patients, the choice to exert oneself through physical activity or exercise should be made in the light of the stage of one's disease and the effect that extra activity has on the immune system. In different patients under different circumstances, exercise is capable of either suppressing or increasing the immune response.

MP patients who can perform their activities of daily living while recovering on the MP are as fit as they need to be. Their focus should be in regaining their health with the MP. With improved health will come improved abilty to exercise and increase endurance.

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Travel and going out

Main article: Travel and going out

Related article: Light restriction

Traveling and participating in outdoor activities present several challenges unique to patients with Th1 diseaseAny of the chronic inflammatory diseases caused by bacterial pathogens.. For many Marshall Protocol (MP) patients, those who are photosensitiveAbnormal sensitivity to sunlight and bright lights. Also referred to as "sun flare" or "light flare.", the most significant of these is the need to limit their exposure to light. Patients who suffer from cardiac, neurological, or respiratory inflammation put themselves at grave risk when exposing themselves to significant amounts of sunlight. The best way to see how one's body reacts to light is to increase exposure gradually.

Contingency planning such as taking of an extra olmesartan (Benicar)Medication taken regularly by patients on the Marshall Protocol for its ability to activate the Vitamin D Receptor. ahead of time can sometimes, though certainly not always, mitigate the harmful effects of excess sunlight.

EMF protective clothing is increasingly becoming necessary for some patients.

Another consideration for going out is the need to avoid consumption of vitamin D in food.

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Light restriction

Main article: Light restriction

Marshall Protocol (MP) patients who are photosensitive are advised to limit their exposure to light. This article summarizes information related to light restriction for MP patients. In later stages of the MP and/or when the treatment is complete, veterans of the MP may choose to expose their eyes and skin to increasing amounts of light.

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Tools for doing the Marshall Protocol

One of the commonly reported symptoms among patients with chronic inflammatory diseases is cognitive dysfunction. For these people, there are two significant challenges to succeeding on the Marshall Protocol (MP): monitoring changes in symptoms and keeping track of when to take the next dose of MP medications, be they olmesartan or antibiotics. There are a number of tools available to do both.

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Talking about the Marshall Protocol with others

Struggling with chronic disease can strain the fabric of even the best families and relationships. Like those recovering from any other disease, patients battling chronic inflammatory disease want and need to have support from family members. Building that support has proven easier for some patients than others.

Most patients have learned that the best evidence for the effectiveness of the Marshall Protocol (MP) is to get well.

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rate of recovery reported from MPSS study site

For someone who is interested in facts and figures, member DJ compiled some in the following section including 5 Dx

MP data

Avoid where possible immune suppression

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Steroids such as 'vitamin' D and many medicines suppress the immune system. What more is there to discover about vitamin D?

So does significant air pollution.

It is often overlooked that commonly used objects will also suppress immunity. Examples are microwave ovens, computer modems, DECT handsets and mobile phones.

To have all these switched off at power point when not in use will provide considerable benefit to the ill and protection for young or vulnerable people. Cell phones should be left in Flight mode when not calling out or expecting VIP call.

edu/news emf-refugee

Just get rid of your DECT phones. No 'ifs' or 'buts'. Get rid of your WiFi routers, and enable Aircraft mode on everything (like Kindles) that send out WiFi 'beacons' every so often. All of these sources essentially operate at full power whenever they transmit. Prof. Trevor Marshall May 2017

Health depends on natural resonance (7.83 Hz). Extinctions apparently linked to interference.


Learn about the birds, the bees, and bed time.

It's long but if you can ignore the same looping anxiety sound track music and repeat scenes, there are some references to research that may be of interest. Start it at about 40 minutes along.

from jrfoutin Research Team Summary: EMF turns off melatonin and disturbs chryptochrome light and magnetic cell function. Most of the cancers that will arrive have not arrived yet. Other carcinogens take about 10 years.

Probably the most interesting study mentioned:

Dr Lennart Hardell Professor in oncology and epidemiology Research published in Elsevier Pathophysiology 2009 Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Kjell Hansson Mild

From early 1990's et al investigated phone habits of more than 2,000 people from around the world. Epidemiological evidence for an association between use of wireless phones and tumor diseases. They studied people with Astrocytoma brain tumors and Acustic neuroma tumors. (Brain tumors associated most with mobile phone use due to proximity to the ear.)

“In summary our review yielded a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma after >10 years mobile phone latency…”

“Our studies showed also an association with use of cordless phones, an issue that has not been studied at all in most investigations or only rudimentary in two studies.”

“We concluded that current standard for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is not safe for long term exposure and needs to be revised.”

You can leave your cellphones in Aircraft mode at home by using a VOIP wired-ethernet service with wired phone headsets, and redirecting your cell number to the VOIP number.

Or you can use a Google Voice account to a laptop or wired iPhone or Nexus. Google Voice will simultaneously call several lines (eg cell phone and VOIP phone) and select whichever answers …Prof. Trevor Marshall May 2017

Patient experience

I can’t stress enough how having a strong Faraday Cage has contributed to my recovery. Things change so rapidly inside that IP at the beginning of the month is quite different from IP at the end of the month. At the beginning of this month I was experiencing massive skin IP in the form of a rash covering my whole body with massive itching. At the end of the month the rash is almost gone and itching is insignificant.

The more quiet it gets inside the cage the more I’m able to tell that even simple electronic devices had to be replaced. I’ve gone from electronic clocks, metronome, and timer to all mechanical forms. The only electronics inside the cage now are LCD lights that AFAIK have no detectable EMF signal.

I can’t stress this enough - for anyone who feels that they are not making progress on the olmesartanMedication taken regularly by patients on the Marshall Protocol for its ability to activate the Vitamin D Receptor. Also known by the trade name Benicar. alone - you can’t consider the MP a failure until you build a strong Faraday Cage and spend time inside and experience what happens. You need to experience it to truly understand how big of a deal this truly is.

Hoffer 2017

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Sallie Q 04.04.2017 adds para. on avoiding ingested immune suppressants and external pollution

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