Chlorine dioxide

The use of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is contraindicated while on the Marshall Protocol. ClO2, has been popularized recently under the name of “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS) as an antimicrobial.

No antimicrobial is considered appropriate to use in conjunction with the MP. But in the case of ClO2, there is a serious concern that using it may provoke dangerous levels of immunopathology. The damage from the resulting inflammation may require a long recovery and will impair progress on the MP.

In addition, taking antimicrobials intended for acute infections often trigger conversion of these pathogens to an L-form, and do nothing to restore the innate immune function.

As someone who has been HIV+ for over twenty years (since I was 18) and someone with an advanced chemistry degree, I find myself yearning for a cure or at least a less potent medicine than the triple cocktail I have been taking for years. With that said, chlorine dioxide production and ingestion is probably not the answer. None of us who have chronic diseases that require taking drugs that can be just as fatal as the diseases themselves want to continue putting poisons into our bodies. We all would prefer something else.

I have to come to the conclusion, however, that chlorine dioxide is as toxic if not more toxic than anything I am currently taking. Don’t forget that any oxidation process, especially one as strong as chlorine dioxide, causes aging!

Jay, healthsalon.org

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