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Potassium supplementation

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– Study after study shows that the most successful patient is a well-educated one. She need not do what she is told, but she does have a responsibility to think critically about what we say and about what her doctor says. – The general principle articulated throughout the KB is to avoid supplements unless they are absolutely necessary for controlling IP. This is an interesting case because the doctor is advising the patient to take potassium. – There is no DRI for potassium because it is so darn common in the food supply: https://www.mayoclinic.com/health/drug-information/DR602373 – Nor are there many (any?) examples of hypokalemia of patients on the MP. – If a doctor prescribes potassium, that doctor should make provision to carefully monitor levels of potassium. – In cases where potassium is elevated, patient and doctor should work to reduce levels of potassium intake.

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