Tips for using the Marshall Protocol Knowledge Base

  1. If you can't find an article by browsing, search for it! The search box in the top right hand corner uses a Google custom search engine and will give you relevance-ranked results. There is also a Site Map.
  2. The glossary offers definitions for a lot of the terms you see used on the Knowledge Base.
  3. Some links have definitions that will appear when you mouse over it.
  4. Printing: the Knowledge Base has been set up to print beautiful well-formatted documents. The only exception is that certain images sometimes get cut off and show up on multiple pages. At present, there is no solution for this. :(
  5. Generally speaking, articles in the Knowledge Base link to a term only the first time it is used.
  6. At the top of each article, is the “You are here” section, which allows you see how a given article fits into the Knowledge Base hierarchy. For example: “Home > Non-MP treatments > Anti-TNF drugs.”
  7. The Knowledge Base is divided into sections. Sometimes a section is covered in greater detail in another article. In these cases, the italicized text below the section header reads: “Main article.”
  8. At the bottom of some articles are links to records for peer-reviewed published research appearing in PubMed .
  9. At the end of each article are keywords (also known as tags) that have been applied to an article. Clicking on a link for a keyword will take you to a list of links to related articles.
  10. Links that have a world icon are to sites that are outside the Knowledge Base or the Autoimmunity Research Foundation site.

for example : Duck Duck Go search engine vs. Special issues

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