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Tips for using the Marshall Protocol Knowledge Base

  1. If you can't find an article by browsing, search for it! The search box in the top right hand corner uses a Google custom search engine and will give you relevance-ranked results. There is also a Site Map.
  2. The glossary offers definitions for a lot of the terms you see used on the Knowledge Base.
  3. Some links have definitions that will appear when you mouse over it.
  4. Printing: the Knowledge Base has been set up to print beautiful well-formatted documents. The only exception is that certain images sometimes get cut off and show up on multiple pages. At present, there is no solution for this. :(
  5. Generally speaking, articles in the Knowledge Base link to a term only the first time it is used.
  6. At the top of each article, is the “You are here” section, which allows you see how a given article fits into the Knowledge Base hierarchy. For example: “Home > Non-MP treatments > Anti-TNF drugsDrugs which interfere with the body's production of TNF-alpha - a cytokine necessary for recovery from infection.”
  7. The Knowledge Base is divided into sections. Sometimes a section is covered in greater detail in another article. In these cases, the italicized text below the section header reads: “Main article.”
  8. At the bottom of some articles are links to records for peer-reviewed published research appearing in PubMed.
  9. Near the bottom of some articles is the “Read More” section. This section contains keywords (also known as tags) that have been applied to an article. Clicking on a link for a keyword will take you to other articles that share that same keyword. This is a good way to find related content.
  10. Links that have a world icon are to sites that are outside the Knowledge Base or the Autoimmunity Research FoundationNon-profit foundation dedicated to exploring a pathogenesis and therapy for chronic disease. site.
  11. At the end of each page are tags. Right click on one of these tags will lead to a list of related links in this database.

at left follows an example of an external link vs at right, an internal link: Duck Duck Go search engine vs. Special issues

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