Presentation - Can Waves Cause or Cure Disease?

Type: Conference presentation
Presenter: Trevor Marshall, PhD
Conference: Philips Museum
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Date: November, 2014


“The Human Psyche in a Connected Society” was the formal title of a presentation by Prof. Trevor Marshall at the Philips Museum, Eindhoven, on the 15th November 2014. It explores the ways in which waves can interact with human biology, and with the human psyche.

Prof. Marshall Here are the links to the videos of the seminar “New Frontiers in Medicine” at UNESCO showing exactly what Luc's group has been doing:

Prof Guiseppe Vitiello: A Quantum field approach to Living Matter

Prof Marc Henry: Water, Electromagnetism and Quantum Coherence

Prof Carlo Ventura: The Voice of the Stem Cells

Luc Montagnier: Exploring the Role of Latent Infection (They look best at full HD resolution, 1080p)

===== Notes and comments =====

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