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The Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis. (MP) is a challenging multi-year therapy. As many MP veterans can attest, the chance to talk to a more experienced patient can significantly improve the odds of treatment success.

While some patients may prefer to limit themselves to the online forums, some have benefited from adding connections via a face-to-face support group. While there are currently only a few support groups, that can change over time. Patients who are interested in building a local community of MP patients should seriously consider starting a support group.

Starting a new support group

  1. Recruit other MP patients. Members of the MarshallProtocol.com site can be sorted by location. It is best when at least some of the group members have been on the treatment for several years.
  2. Decide on a location. At least in their initial stages, support groups can be run out of a group member's home.
  3. Decide how often to hold meetings.
  4. Announce your meeting. You may start a topic in the Lifestyles forum.

Tips for managing a meeting

  • Have the moderator introduce himself or herself. Emphasize that this is a patient support group.
  • State that, generally speaking, you are going to limit discussion of treatments to the Marshall Protocol.
  • Have participants introduce themselves.
  • Do your best to elicit participation from quieter participants. For example, you could periodically ask participants, “Who has the most burning question?”

List of local support groups



There are currently no known MP support groups.


United States

Patients experiences

We have a “herx buddy” system of sorts so newbies can be helped to navigate the initial steps of the MP.

KenL, MarshallProtocol.com

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