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Antenna recommendations have not changed since I made them earlier . The SRH789 covers all the bands, you need the SMA Male version, not the one 'compatible with Baofeng'.

I suggest not purchasing an RFexplorer until you have grasped all the things there is to learn with the Cornet ED85EXS and the Kaito.*

Prof. Marshall Jan. 2019

*(Kaito radio) see also UPDATE


ED85EXS Cornet

For those outside the USA, the Cornets are available from Singapore on Ebay. A little more expensive than from LessEMF, but with free shipping. I have bought from 'GMM technoworld' in Singapore, they are efficient. I notice a Cyprus seller (Cyprus is in the EU) and am not sure if that would be easier to ship within Europe.

The ED85EXS Cornet meter is the only meter configuration which is really useful: Cornet ED85EXS RF Meter

or internationally on Ebay: Cornet ElectroSmog ED85EXS Audio Sound Signature EMF Meter Detector 1MHz - 8GHz

The extendable antenna: SMA Male Jack Adjustable Angle Telescopic Antenna Aerial

The battery charger and two long-life batteries: Tenergy TN141 2 Bay 9V Smart Charger with 2 pcs Centura Low Self-discharge 9V NiMH

Dec.2017 The latest version of ED85EXS is capable to go down to -70dBm And this new version is already on sale by radmeters.com and lessemf. I wrote to radmeters.com and they confirmed that they have the latest vestion and the meter does show down to -70dBm(while officially in the spec the range is -55dBm to 0dBm).


Hong Kong source of the collapsible antenna we use on the Cornets (UXcell). They sell via Amazon and Ebay: sma-male-jack-adjustable-angle-telescopic-antenna-aerial-silver-tone

RF Explorer

The RF Explorer is a spectrum analyzer.

Spectrum Analysis

This is the device which works best for portable spectrum analysis: RF Explorer and Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

You need this 3G combo version, with the 15-2700 MHz wideband section, as well as the 220-960 that works a little better on Smart Meter radiation.

Here is the website of the designer: RF Explorer

This is an open-source project. Both the firmware and the interfaces to your Desktop software are open-source community based projects. The hardware is built by Seeed studio in China.

There have been rumors that a new version with a 6GHz upper frequency limit will be released ( in 2015), but 2700MHz covers all the cell-phone 4G allocations

Prof Trevor Marshall Dec 2nd, 2014

To build an antenna

Building the log-periodic antenna is described in the Marshall Protocol Study Site:

Cornet EMF meters with Directional Antennas viewable by MP Study Site Members only

Future problems

The proposed use of 5G communications…. by those who seem to have no idea that emf affects/damages human cells in everyone, not just babies and teenagers who habitually hold a cell phone too close to the head (also adults who carry in pockets and forget to put it in Flight mode).

Editor suspects further modifications of monitoring and measuring will be needed for new technology.

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Norton/Symantec reports 2 viruses on this website https://www.uxcell.com/sma-male-jack-adjustable-angle-telescopic-antenna-aerial-silver-tone-p-554753.html at date — Sallie Q 12.01.2015

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