Donation of blood, bone marrow, organs or other tissues

Organs and tissue from sarcoidosis patients have been known to cause sarcoidosis in the transplanted recipients. This is proof that the bacterial pathogens can be transferred and trigger the same abnormal immune system response in susceptible people.

Even when blood is filtered, pathogens may pass between donor and recipient. At an average of around 0.01 microns in diameter, L-form bacteria are small enough to pass through even the finest of filters.1)

According to one study, patients who receive a donor organ from a sarcoidosis patient develop the disease, and clean organs transplanted into sarcoidosis patients become infected.2) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a history of enforcing its restriction on the distribution of blood from sarcoidosis patients. In the FDA took action against the American Red Cross because blood was collected from a donor/donors who had been diagnosed with sarcoidois.

All blood banks may not have strict regulations against donations from people with so-called autoimmune diseases or Th1 inflammation, but given the known bacterial etiology, Marshall Protocol (MP) patients are advised not to donate blood, bone marrow, organs or other tissues.

One of Lida Mattman's slides in Chicago shows L-forms in supposedly sterile, whole Red-Cross blood. L-forms seem to survive all attempts at sterilization. Lida is certain that transfusion is one of the reasons that the chronic diseases have balloned to epidemic proportions over the last 50 years. Remember, the Red Cross blood transfusion service grew at the end of the second world war and was not around during the first half of this century. Neither were beta-lactam antibiotics, Vitamin D supplementation, the sun-worshipping ethos, and other factors which, IMO, have all contributed to the Th1 autoimmune diseases spiralling out of control.

Trevor Marshall, PhD

Additional Literature

  • A letter in CHEST online advocates the removal of phagocytic cells from blood being transfused.
  • Sarcoidosis has been transmitted to organ recipients from organ donors. 3)
  • Lancet published this case report in 1990 of sarcoidosis after a heart transplant. 4)
  • Sarcoidosis has been reported to have been transmitted in bone marrow and stem cells. 5)
  • Granulomatous pneumonitis followed bone marrow transplantation. 6)
  • Pulmonary sarcoidosis following stem cell transplantation: is it more than a chance occurrence? 7)
  • Cutaneous sarcoidosis in blood donation venepuncture sites. 8)

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removed….The FDA website and this FDA enforcement report state that in 1997 AND This letter in CHEST

===== References =====

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