Ear symptoms

A number of chronic ear complaints appear to be the result of microbes. For example, biofilm bacteria play a well-defined role in otitis media.1)

As evidenced by patient and physician reports, the Marshall Protocol seems to target a range of ear conditions. However, immunopathology due to treatment can cause temporary increases in ear-related symptoms. As always, one's first measure should be to slow the immune system response to see if it provides relief. If not, there are safe measures you can take to palliate these intolerable symptoms.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Tinnitus is common among our study cohort and many members have reported resolution of this annoying symptom.

Extremely loud and high pitched tinnitus was one of the symptoms that I had when I started the MP. When I went through the modified Phase Two, I remember waking up, and trying to figure out what was “wrong”. I finally realized that the tinnitus was gone!

Lottie, MarshallProtocol.com

Since starting the MP, my tinnitus has slowly but steadily decreased. It used to flare up immediately as soon as I listened to music or heard a loud noise. Walking along a busy road was torture. I couldn't watch TV because after a couple of minutes the ringing would drown out what was being said. Now I'm back to my old self - listening to music all day without any bother.

Marselle, MarshallProtocol.com

In late 2001 my tinnitus slowly built up to the point where it was making it very difficult to hear people in the same room. When Benicar came along in 2002, the tinnitus dropped back to tolerable levels. It has gradually reduced as I went through the bug killing, and I now only have occasional 'faint 4KHz tones' in my ears, and only when I am sitting in a quiet room in the dead of night.

Trevor, MarshallProtocol.com

Hearing loss

I had severe loss of hearing in one ear and constant ringing and buzzing….sometimes I would even hear “tunes”. Once I was put on antibiotics that started to slowly get better…today I have no hearing loss at all.

Aunt Diane, MarshallProtocol.com

I have had ringing in my ears for a long time, since about 1968. Right after I was diagnosed with the sarcoidosis a hearing test revealed that I did not hear high pitched sounds from my left ear. I had 2 different doctors at that time tell me this. One told me that he had seen patients with sarcoidosis with this and tha my most likely was caused by the sarcoidosis working on my audio nerve. Since that time I have had other hearing test from the oil company that I worked for. They checked our ears every year and always told me the same thing that I did not hear high pitched sounds from my left ear. They even, after the first hearing test from them, they even sent me to another doctor for another hearing test. Results alway the same.

Since I have been on the MP the ringing has gotten about 90-95% better(some days no ringing at all) and on hearing high pitched sounds, I have noticed that when I am listening to music I hear sounds in the music that I have never noticed before. But I have not had a hearing test since about spring of 1991.

Freddie Ash, MarshallProtocol.com

My left ear was hit by a fragment of an anti-tank grenade back in 1970 (or so) and was clogged with blood and muck for about 6 months. It had been partially deaf, and getting worse, ever since that.

Except that about two years ago I suddenly realized that I was using that ear for the telephone again. Sure enough, the hearing has come back, and, if anything, the left is now better than the right ear.

I started enjoying music again. All my old CDs have been converted to MP3, and I am just starting to listen to classical choral music again (did I tell you that Liz and I were both in the University Choral Society while undergrads?).

Trevor, MarshallProtocol.com

Cerumen (ear wax)

Patients for whom excess ear wax is a problem, may wish to try Similasan Ear Wax Relief, available over the counter.


Blocked ears are not an uncommon symptom in chronic disease and often occur in patients with a history of sinus infections.

I use saline nasal spray, which helps reduce congestion in sinuses, and ears. It can act like an astringent which can help reduce the congestion. Afrin nasal spray can also help open up the ears. Use one or two sprays on the side that's affected. You can get either the saline nasal spray or the Afrin (store brand is okay) at a drug store or most grocery stores.

Lottie, MarshallProtocol.com

Oh one other thing, my left ear has almost always been plugged (eustachian tube) lately it has been unplugged and now pops when I yawn.

walleyeguy, MarshallProtocol.com

Ear pain

Ear pain can be caused by an acute infection (otitis media – which itself is a biofilm infection), nearby lymph node swelling or nerve inflammation. Pain may be relieved by measures to resolve congestion. Chewing gum may dissipate ear pain, if the eustachian tube was blocked.

I have had recently over 70 days with an ear IP that I was convinced initially was an infection. As it lasted both my stoic MP proficient doctor and I began to be concerned about permanent hearing loss. My doc insisted on culturing the discharge. Guess what ….. no bacteria. We both calmed down then and I decided to let it run it’s course

I had had a lot of problems with my ears as a child and luckily because there was previous scarring on the ear drum when ever the pressure built up my ear drum would perforate and I would get some relief from the pain. Wet ears but no pain.

I palliated with pain meds and beni q4hrs until I just got so sick of it and took (on docs advice) frequent mino - 50mg every 6 hrs for 8 days, if I can remember correctly. The frequent mino stopped all symptoms and I went back to normal MP and now my ear just does it's infection impersonation on day 3-6 only and without the perforations. So if frequent mino works for you it may be the way to go.

scarab, MarshallProtocol.com


I saw my Doc this morning and the perforation is totally healed. We are now both happy to let the IP proceed until the ear is clear of CWB. It had repeatedly perforated over the last 50 days so we there was some concern about permanent damage to my hearing but it is clear that it heals perfectly. I expect the ear to continue draining through the ear drum again. I will simply palliate and allow it to do it's thing. The discharging ear is tolerable but worry about hearingimpairment is not.

scarab, MarshallProtocol.com

Heartbeat heard in ears

The “heartbeat” you hear in your ear is called pulsitile tinnitus. Pulsatile tinnitus is usually due to a small blood vessel that is coupled by fluid to your ear drum. It is usually nothing serious and also untreatable. This should resolve with the MP.


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