Test: Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy refers to an endoscopic examination of the colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a small camera on a flexible tube. Colonoscopes are not contraindicated by the MP, and may be warranted for high risk patients. May provide reassurance when fearful of malignancy, but can expose patient to greater infection due to difficulties in sterilizing equipment.

Results usually do not change course of treatment. It is okay to continue MP medications but one may want to adjust them to reduce immunopathology.

See also the article on surgery for further guidance.

Patients experiences

I had a colonoscopy done about 19 months ago and the gastro who did it was very pro the MP and encouraged me to give it a try. However, he did not want me on the Benicar until afterwards, as he felt my BP was already very low and that lowering it further would not bode well with the sedative used. I was advised not to take any meds during the cleaning out period and on the day of the test, had nothing to eat or drink until afterwards, so being off the MP at that point was probably a good idea. Due to having no spleen, I was given an intravenous shot of an antibiotic, although I doubted I really needed it- just a precaution, I guess.

Speak to your gastroenterologist and he/she will advise you about what is best. BTW, I had been on pulsed mino for a few months before my test, and to my doctor's surprise, I showed absolutely no inflammation in my colon or esophagus and had no polyps anywhere. It was a totally 'clean' test, which as amazing, as I had had one a few years before which showed considerable inflammation due to my IBS. I am therefore sure that the MP should clear things up, but having a colonoscopy at age 50 is an excellent idea and I would certainly not postpone it.

jrfoutin, MarshallProtocol.com

This is another one of those tests that some do and some do not. My personal take on it is that the test is designed to look for signs of inflammatory disease processes, specifically some that stray into the cancer zone. My personal feeling is that everything that the test might find would lead me to believe I am already working the problem with the MP, so I wonder what is the point of the test if the treatment of choice is already underway?

IngeD, MarshallProtocol.com

I am glad that this subject has been raised for discussion because I am due to have another colonoscopy next year.

My specialist explained to me that colon cancer is the most preventable cancer there is. It is usually caused by polyps becoming cancerous and polyps are easy to detect AND remove during colonoscopies. His view is that we inherit the tendencies to produce polyps and that once we know that we do produce them we should have routine colonoscopies every 3 to 5 years.

During autopsy it was discovered that my father had a tumor in the colon which apparently puts me into the at risk group. Then during my first colonoscopy several polyps were removed so I was told the risk of my body producing further polyps was high.

Question is…where do polyps come from? Are they also created by the Th1 diseaseAny of the chronic inflammatory diseases caused by bacterial pathogens./CWD bacteria ? If so then I guess we don't need further colonoscopies!

IngeD, MarshallProtocol.com

My feeling is that after 50 years of age a colonoscopy is a reasonable thing to have done, since it is not that hard to have polyps removed and examined if they have developed. They usually only give morphine or demerol with versed for the procedure. (don't use nitrous oxide with MCS) The bowel prep was harder on me than the actual procedure. You should be able to continue all the MP meds, but will need someone to drive or take you home.

P. Bear, R.N., MarshallProtocol.com

If you have light issues, the doctors will work with you. When I had mine done, I never saw anyone. I kept my glasses on and my hat over my face the whole time. I had 3 done in a 12 month period BEFORE the MP. My last one was when I started with rectal bleeding back in the first 3 months of the protocol.

I was awake for 3 of the 4, but the last time being so ill from 1st starting the MP, I wanted to be put out. (I wanted to be awake for the others). When it was over, the doctor made sure I was covered from any light. I brought a dark towel with me to keep my head and face covered. This helped with the car ride too. I was extremely light sensitive back then, (not as much now). This also helped me with the MCS issues.

The BEST way when having a colon. is to eat light the day or two before the prep. REMEMBER, the more that goes IN, has to come OUT! This is what makes the Prep so uncomfortable. REMEMBER to tell the doc NO EPI, just in case.

Lori, MarshallProtocol.com

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