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i'm interested in the microbiome throughout all of the organs and tissues of the human body each organ and tissue as a completely different microbiome from other organs and tissues in the body and it's a balance set up during life that determines whether or not we end up sick or we end up healthy.

Man is a super-organism with over a hundred million microbial whether these microbes are found in baby at birth [Dave relma graph sampled 2 days then change in bacteria balance between 2 and 14 days rel minim] , would be good to get hold of placement graphs from TM's collection come from our mother human breast milk microbiome is very interesting, this is a plot of the species organised on an XY basis so that you can see different species at different parts of the plot and normal mother's milk with a stand vaginal delivery is at the bottom right there that's the species but the species that come from a cesarian section delivery are quite different and there at the middle top of the graph so that the milk that the mother puts out is very dependent upon the type of delivery there are all of these environmentsl factors that work together to select our microbiome as we move through life also a microbiome grows from our environment.

We get microbes from our pets, our family our friends and baby most of the change in microbes was due to the surrounding family.

We get them from travel food and medicine. i've got you who to schoenfeld there and it's been highlighting recently the vaccine issues.

You also get organisms from the air you breathe on the L you can see san diego indoor hospital these this data was sampled by craig venter and you can see that 85=6% in the hospital the air DNA is bacterial Surprisingly inside a normal house in SD air was about the same 85% bacterial . Human v small 5-8% in the 2 sampls the younger the other DNA made out of virus,yeast? funghi etc so how do these bacteria live? We've got an immune system that is supposed to protect us right? So how do these bacteria live .. well the're very clever that's the best explanation I could get they evade the Immune system by actually evading phagocytosis

article from the scientist paper in plos medicine pathogens that you can look up and it shows how e coli infect macrophages by evading as the macrophage engulfs the microbe, the microbe is not killed, remains viable in a cell wall deficient form and then is able to stay as a viable phagosome or perhaps we would see it as a vacuole when looking through the microscope this is fluorescent highlighted so you can see the spots inside the macrophage, they're fine as long as that macrophage remains viable which is quite a long time too typically over a month So in order for and the bacteria to survive inside the human phagocytic cells they have to knock out part of the function of the phagocytic cells that would otherwise kill them and a key factor is a nuclear receptorIntracellular receptor proteins that bind to hydrophobic signal molecules (such as steroid and thyroid hormones) or intracellular metabolites and are thus activated to bind to specific DNA sequences which affects transcription. called the vdrThe Vitamin D Receptor. A nuclear receptor located throughout the body that plays a key role in the innate immune response.. The vdr nuclear receptor ?is a type 1 receptor that in Homo sapiens is reponsible for generating tlr2A receptor which is expressed on the surface of certain cells and recognizes native or foreign substances and passes on appropriate signals to the cell and/or the nervous system. as well as cathelicidins Family of antimicrobial peptides found primarily in immune cells and transcribed by the Vitamin D Receptor. and Alpha defensins as well Key antimicrobial defenses at the cellular level and if those defenses are knocked out then the microbes have a much better chance of survival SO it is no surprise all of the really

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would be good to get hold of placement graphs from TM's collection

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