Presenter(s) Date Conference Title Location
Marshall TG 2016 September Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine Immune Disease and the Microbiome: Healthcare in response to New Knowledge Moscow, Russia
Marshall TG 2016 April 10th Congress on Autoimmunity What More is there to Discover about Vitamin-D Leipzig, Germany
Marshall TG 2015 September EPMA World Congress Is there a role for a Tin-Foil hat in PPPM? University of Bonn
Lindseth IA 2012 May 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome as an immunological disorder Granada, Spain
Goetze-Pelka R 2011 November Autoimmunity Congress Asia Psychiatric and neurologic comorbidities as systemic dysfunctions Singapore
Marshall TG 2011 May NeuroTalk 2011 The human microbiome is the mechanism fueling neurodegenerative disorders Dalian, China
Marshall TG 2010 May 7th International Congress on Autoimmunity Olmesartan overcomes antibiotic resistance, inducing recovery from advanced autoimmune disease Ljubljana, Slovenia
Blaney G 2010 May 7th International Congress on Autoimmunity Olmesartan medoxomil & treatment of autoimmune disease Ljubljana, Slovenia
Proal A 2010 May 7th International Congress on Autoimmunity Metagenomic symbiosis between bacterial and viral pathogens in autoimmune disease Ljubljana, Slovenia
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