Tools for doing the Marshall Protocol

One of the commonly reported symptoms among patients with chronic inflammatory diseases is cognitive dysfunction. For these people, there are two significant challenges to succeeding on the Marshall Protocol (MP): monitoring changes in symptoms and keeping track of when to take the next dose of MP medications, be they olmesartan or antibiotics. There are a number of tools available to do both.

Recording symptoms and medications


Online diaries

Remembering to take medications

There are a number of options for remembering to take the recommended doses of MP medications:

Alarm clocks

Software solutions

Most calendaring software allows you to schedule a daily event and play an alert noise. Both iCal (Mac) and Outlook (Windows) allow for this.

  • Yahoo Calendar – Use the Alerts feature of Yahoo Calendar. Since one can set up Yahoo Alerts to come by Yahoo Messenger and because Yahoo Messenger will send alerts (as well as IM's) to a cell phone, you can even use Yahoo Calendar Alerts away from home if you have a cell phone. To use alerts, go to the Calendar section, set up an “Event”, and configure it for a reminder to be delivered by Yahoo Messenger.
  • Alarm Clock 2 (Mac) – application allows for easy scheduling of multiple alarms

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