pH balancing

According to the acid/alkaline imbalance theory, disease is caused or exacerbated by an overly acidic environment and can be remedied by consuming alkali or alkali-producing substances.

In reality, the pathogenesis of disease is much too nuanced to say “low pH leads to disease.” If it were true that an imbalance is an indication of disease, doctors would use pH as a catch-all diagnostic tool, and the vast majority do not. In fact, immune cells, which are infected by the bacteria that actually cause disease, are tightly regulated and relatively unaffected by extracellular changes in pH.

pH is of no use as a therapeutic tool. This is because the intraphagocytic microbiotaThe bacterial community which causes chronic diseases - one which almost certainly includes multiple species and bacterial forms. is a biofilm A structured community of microorganisms encapsulated within a self-developed protective matrix and living together.-protected community in the cytoplasm of phagocytes.

Trevor Marshall, PhD

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the intermittent administration of oxygen in a chamber at greater than sea-level atmospheric pressures. While hyperbaric therapy may be effective for air and gas embolisms, smoke inhalation, acute carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., there is no evidence that the treatment works against chronic disease. A strong measure of suspicion is warranted.

Some patients have reported feeling better after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As with any therapy that may cause short-term benefit, there is always the concern that it is inhibiting the immune response. According to the Marshall PathogenesisA description for how chronic inflammatory diseases originate and develop., chronic disease patients must experience immunopathology in order to resolve disease. Anything else is ultimately counterproductive, and in the case of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, somewhat dangerous.

The use of regular oxygen, if indicated, is much safer.

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