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The MarshallProtocol.com site is organized around categories and forums to facilitate communication and discussions related to the Marshall Protocol. Public facing educational efforts for the Autoimmunity Research FoundationNon-profit foundation dedicated to exploring a pathogenesis and therapy for chronic disease. may be found at their site at AutoimmunityResearch.org.


The majority of the site is only available to researchers, physicians, and others involved with the protocol.

Nature of Post Appropriate Forum Posting Guidelines1) Visibility
Open discussion with Prof. Marshall related to his scientific perspectives Prof. Marshall's Perspective Members may respond to “Perpectives” posted by Prof. Marshall (please stay on-topic). open to public, search engines
Health professional's discussion Private Section for Health Professionals Health professionals may use this forum to hold private discussions about issues relating to the protocol as well as post their own progress and questions. health professionals only
Summaries of progress on protocol Members' Progress Summaries Members with over one year on the full Marshall Protocol may use this forum to post significant experiences and summaries of their progress updates in this forum so that others can read and be encouraged by their progress. members only
Members only discussion of protocol Prof. Marshall's Members' Only Discussion Members may use this forum to discuss general issues related to the protocol. members only
Discussion of lifestyle while on protocol MP Lifestyle Discussion Members may use this forum for building community around the MP lifestyle including diet, light avoidance, clothing choices and fun. members only
Discussion and questions about scientific articles in the popular press Prof. Marshall's Members' Only Discussion Members are strongly urged to ONLY post links to popular press articles AFTER they have found the originally published research paper(s) and have reviewed them for relevance to our forums. When posting links, please add your perspective regarding how you see the topic a relevant to the science or use of the protocol. (Discussing these in a non-public forum prevents the information from being seen as an accepted viewpoint of our community.) members only
Updates on your own progress and related questions NEW MEMBERS PROGRESS progress posting guidelines members only
Responding to progress or questions posted by other members EXPERIENCED MEMBERS PROGRESS member-to-member support guidelines members only

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Extracted from Etiquette page. — Joyful 06.08.2015

This is posting guidance given in addition to our forum policies.
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