The Marshall Protocol forums

Our forums support ongoing and future research

The posted experiences of the members of our support community have been used to inform directions for new paradigms for recovery from Th1 illness. Member reports of response to various environmental, pharmaceutical and dietary events has allowed for a more dynamic level of feedback for ongoing research.

The accumulated database of reports provides for the potential of retrospective follow-up over time.

Our forums provide members with a rich historical perspective

The members of our support community are all working together towards recovery. Previously posted experiences in members' progress forums provide new members with a rich historical perspective on their current symptoms and symptom management.

Encouraging member-to-member support enriches the experience and understanding of both those asking questions and those providing supportive responses.

Discussion forums additionally provide much of the information for this reference database, including information relevant to those not intending to follow the protocol, such as keeping the health you have.

Joining the conversation at MarshallProtocol.com

All access to the Marshall Protocol forums is provided as an educational service of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation. The Foundation has no paid staff and all support is provided by volunteers who have personal experience using the Marshall Protocol for their own recovery from disease.

In order to join in the conversation within our online research and support community, please following these instructions for How to Register.

Sharing experience with the Marshall Protocol

Every member of our community with experience with the protocol can immediately begin to contribute into our community by posting their experiences in an honest and careful manner.

We strongly encourage every member to review and follow our guidelines for posting etiquette and posting experiences with the Marshall Protocol.

Help using forums

If you are having trouble logging in or with using the forums, please see our forum usage tips.

Forum Policies

Our Etiquette Guidelines and Forum Policies are intended to provide for the safety and benefit of all the members of our support community.

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