Volunteer insurance protection

Non-profit liability insurance policy

Those who volunteer support on the Foundation's forums have good insurance protection. Our insurance carrier is NIAC. They are specialists in making sure folk like us can continue to do good.

As volunteers for a non-profit all we are required do is to do our best.

There is a PBS show about our insurance carrier. It is easy to identify with the tasks being done by these other NIAC groups.

What we are doing is not risky. It is also protected by special laws that protect volunteers

Professional liability policy rider

The Foundation's liability insurance policy has a rider which takes first position on any professional liability claim to protect our professional volunteers This protects them above and beyond any professional insurance they might carry themselves.

Nature of business

Our 'nature of business' is “To promote scientific research into the cause and cures for disease, and to instruct the public on subjects related to diseases, useful to individuals and beneficial to the community.”

In keeping with this, support stays within these guidelines:

  • do not write in a way that looks like giving medical advice
  • point to our own experience
  • point to the experience of other members
  • point to the information provided in the MP KB
  • point to supportive science research

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