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Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis. (MP) patients who exhibit symptoms of photosensitivity must protect their eyes from the effects of light. NoIR sunglassesSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light. (or their equivalent) are absolutely essential to reduce these symptoms.

Sunglasses made by NoIR Medical (a portmanteau of “no infrared”) block out the longer, invisible electromagnetic infrared wavelengths which ordinary eyeglasses or ordinary sunglasses cannot block out. They offer this protection in several different styles to be worn with or without prescription glasses. Because the eyes have an iris which opens up in low light levels, it is particularly important to shield them properly.

MP patients should begin to protect their eyes immediately, even before first taking olmesartan (Benicar)Medication taken regularly by patients on the Marshall Protocol for its ability to activate the Vitamin D Receptor., as a procaution.

Frame models

The following NoIRSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light. frames are suitable for MP patients. These are presented in order of popularity:

Model Image Sizing Notes
Spectrashields, fit-overs 900 series is 6 1/4“ (large adult head)
700 series is 6 1/8” (medium adult head)
100 series is 5 1/4“ (small adult head or child)
generally recommended especially starting out on the MP; best at keeping light out of face
35 one size; adjustable arm length and orientation; adjustment of orientation requires clicking the arm into place a non-fitover, wraparound style; arguably the most fashionable; does a reasonable job of keeping out light, but not as a good job as the Spectrashields fitovers
Spectrashields, non-fitovers 900 series is 6 1/4” (large adult head)
700 series is 6 1/8“ (medium adult head)
100 series is 5 1/4” (small adult head or child)
not very good at keeping light out from overhead and to the side
200 series one size? look like regular sunglasses; may not block out as much light as necessary around the edges
Basic fitovers 900 series is 6 1/4“ (large adult head)
700 series is 6 1/8” (medium adult head)
100 series is 5 1/4“ (small adult head or child)
unfashionable; most inexpensive
400 series, clip-ons one size primary demand for hook-ins comes from those who must use a microscope in their line of work; ineffective at blocking overhead light or light from the sides; those who insist on clipons can protect themselves from overhead light with a baseball cap

Lens types

Each of the following types of amber lenses from NoIR are appropriate for use on the MP.

Image Lens name Light blocked Appropriate situation
2% amber (“darks”) 98% visible light
100% UV light
100% blue light
100% infrared light
outdoor lighting conditions
10% amber (“mediums”) 90% visible light
100% UV light
100% blue light
100% infrared light
indoor lighting conditions
40% amber (“lights”) 60% visible light
100% UV light
100% blue light
100% infrared light
for patients in the later stages of the MP when light sensitivity is no longer a problem

Unless getting prescription sunglasses or “stylish frames,” MP patients should have at least two types of NoIR glasses on hand: a pair with 2% amber lenses and a pair with 10% amber lenses.

Lenses tinted amber are required because they block blue light, attenuate visible light the best and therefore block more energy.

Ordering NoIR glasses

If you wish to order NoIR sunglasses directly from NoIR Medical, you must order over the phone:

  • In the United States – 1-800-521-9746
  • Outside the US – 1-734-769-5565

The NoIR representatives are familiar with the needs of MP patients and can assist in selecting the correct style and lenses. Be sure to mention the MP when ordering as that qualifies you for a discount. According to one patient, it is called the “low vision discount.”

Another source for NoIR glasses in the United States is Independent Living Aids. Toll-free phone number: 877-886-0819

Obtaining NoIRs in other countries

United Kingdom

Optima Low Vision Service
Phone: 01803 864218


Some Canadians have encountered customs fees when getting NoIR glasses shipped from the U.S. As a result, Canadian patients may want to ask the Canadian National Institute for the Blind how the sunglasses may be obtained. NoIR glasses are shown in their assistive devices product catalog.


Compoundia may have gone out of business
16 St Mangos Lane
Docklands VIC 3008
email: bertfrigo@compoundia.com
phone: 03 96702882
fax: 03 9670-9615


Problems with NoIRs

Keep in mind that sore ears may be caused by immune inflammationThe complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli such as pathogens or damaged cells. It is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli as well as initiate the healing process for the tissue.. Sunglasses may press on swollen lymph nodes around the head and ears. Temporal and ear pain can be just another symptom of Th1 inflammationThe complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli such as pathogens or damaged cells. It is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli as well as initiate the healing process for the tissue. due to lymph nodes in the area.

If NoIRsSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light. slip…


  • Ear stops – rubber tabs that keep glasses from sliding; from Walter Drake
  • WedGees – rubber stops that keep glasses from sliding

If NoIRs pinch the nose…

Try adhesive silicone nose pads such as these from Amazon.com. Silicone nose pads are also available from most drugstores. One patient reported that nose pads “look funny.”

If NoIRs do not fit over your reading glasses…

Try “stick on reading lenses” such as the kind sold by Aircraft Spruce and available from Amazon.com.

re extra darkness for glasses »

I have been thru the MP with only the 10% NoIRs and used a dilation insert when out of doors to drop the total blocking to a lower value. You can get these for free at some optometrists. I always offer to pay, but they have always waved me off. You will need to trim some of them to fit. You just slide them inside your other glasses, and prescription, fit overs, and these all work together. I have quickly pulled the insert out as I went into a tunnel, and it was easier than trying to take off a pair of dark glasses. In fact, you might be able to put 2 of these inside your other glasses just resting on your nose.

Cynthia, MarshallProtocol.com

Maintaining your NoIR sunglasses

Checking Spectrashields' screw pin

Spectrashields are made of a durable plastic but sometimes their tiny screws loosen and fall out. Check the screw pins, periodically, to see if they are tight.

I just returned from a road trip and lost pins on two pairs of my NoIR Spectrashields……. in two consecutive days! These glasses were only about three months old. I called Kate at NoIR, and she predictably offered to send out replacement glasses.

John Dresser

Preventing scratching of the lens

If you fold up your glasses (to place in the protective case for instance), place a cloth between the lens and the end of the arm so it won't scratch the lens. Or…….don't fold them. They are supposed to be hard coated, but I did notice mine were being marked when folded.

John Dresser


NoIR sunglasses have a patented coating to block infrared rays. To maintain the integrity of this coating do not clean them with an alcohol product. The recommended cleaning method is soap and water. Then either air dry or dry carefully with a soft cloth, not a paper towel.


NoIR will replace broken glasses, but patients can try repairing glasses on their own.

To repair a pair of NOIR glasses, go to your nearest plastics shop and purchase a small (ex. 55ml) bottle of methylene chloride. Using an appropriate applicator (ex. small polyethelene squeeze bottle), wet both of the exposed broken surfaces and then place them together. This is process actually welds the parts together. It does not glue them together. The bond is amazing. It's as if the glasses never broke. Please do this in a well ventilated area. The vapors are harmful.

KenC, MarshallProtocol.com

Prescription inserts

Some of our members have found creative ways to utilize NoIRs for prescription sunglasses.

Eye sensitivity to bright light is still an issue that I am dealing with too despite being in stage 5. When I need extra eye protection and I cannot avoid daylight I use double pairs of NOIRS. I have prescription 2% amber NOIRS (similar in shape to the NOIR model 35, but mine is actually the “wind RX” from Optics Direct https://opticsdirect.com/marshallprotocol.aspx w/ custom cut NOIR lenses) and a pair of the 2% amber NOIR spectrashelds fit-overs to wear overtop. I wear a baseball cap too for extra sun blocking.

NOIR Medical does now carry a frame that will hold an RX insert https://www.noir-medical.com/styles/adult_34.html

Since I already have the “Wind” frame, I order 78mm NOIR blanks from Noir Medical and have my optician cut these to fit these frames. If you’d like more information about the “Wind” frames which hold a prescription lens a good contact person at Optics Direct is Barry R. barry@opticsdirect.com

The only draw back to the wind Rx frame is that it doesn’t come with NOIR lenses, these need to be ordered separately and custom made.

Sunset, MarshallProtocol.com

[I] wanted script glasses with Noir darkness. In addition to that, had a sore nose which most glasses frames hurt.

Visited a large motorcycle dealership. Here in the U.S. it was Harley Davidson, but probably any large shop would sell motorcyclist's sunglasses (eBay also sells these frames used at affordable prices). Harley Davidson makes attractive wrap-around sunglasses with a snap-out cushioned liner. There were several styles & I chose one whose shape hugged my face best & (due to the cushioned liner) also sealed out the light perfectly.

Then bought Noir Plano blanks in the darkest 2% tint (with an 8% curve). Took these to an optometrist & had them replace the original sunglasses lenses with the Noir Plano blanks. Also had them give me additional set of their thinnest clear prescription lenses (with the same 8% curve).

When I need my script to drive, I insert the clear loose lenses between my sunglasses lenses & the snap-out cushioning. They're held securely. When I type on the computer at home, I don't need my script, so I remove the clear lenses & I have regular non-prescription sunglasses. The dark Noir lenses greatly decrease glare from computer text & my clear lenses can be stored on a foam liner inside a glasses case.

The only thing I may do differently will be to get my clear lenses ground a bit smaller so they'll fit even tighter in between the tinted sunglass lenses & the snap-out liner. Could create a paper “pattern” (like with dress-making) for my optometrist by fitting a postcard-thick piece of paper inside the back of the sunglasses frames. Adding 3 or 4 tiny dots of a sticky clear adhesive to the outer corners of the finished re-sized lenses would prevent them from jiggling when they're sandwiched inside the sunglasses. This idea may not be what you need, but is another option.

TXPam, MarshallProtocol.com

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