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For Marshall Protocol (MP) patients looking for an alternative to the NoIR glasses, several brands with more stylish frames are available. Most standard sunglasses will block out all ultraviolet rays and varying degrees of visible light, but ultraviolet protection alone is not sufficient for MP patients. MP patients must use sunglasses that also block virtually all infrared and blue light, which are a part of the natural light spectrum. Specifications for sunglasses used only indoors away from any natural light are less restrictive and are discussed below.

Bolle 100 lenses

For those who do not wear prescription glasses and would like a more stylish pair of sunglasses, Bolle 100 lenses are an option. It is an adequate substitute for the medium 10% NoIR sunglassesSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light. but is not as dark as the NoIRSpecial sunglasses worn by Marshall Protocol patients to block light. 2%, which the MP patient may need initially for outdoor use. The Bolle 100 lens blocks 98% of the IR, allows only 9% of natural light in, and they can be put in a more stylish frame.

Julbo Lens

Julbo sunglasses are another option for MP patients. The entire Julbo line and current specifications can be viewed on their website.

Like Bolle, they are sold by many outdoor and mountaineering stores. A web search on “glacier glasses” may identify other lenses which could be suitable candidates.

Lens blanks from NoIR

NoIR have lens blanks available in a base 8 curve (the curve degree of most wrap-around style sunglasses). An optical lab can insert these lenses into frames of the patient's choosing.

Alternatives to NoIRs when in artificial light only

Eyes can be adequately protected indoors by regular sunglasses if they have all of the following characteristics:

The amber colored lens causes high contrast in vision because is also filters most blue light. The amber lens also distorts colors, but is essential to adequately block artificial light.

If style is a major concern for inside use, very dark amber sunglasses that wrap around to protect the sides can be used. Any light that seeps in from the top can be blocked with a cap if work/school dress code allows.

Patient experience

The other day I called Jim Hidalgo, and he's very knowledgeable about glasses. Now I got myself some funky glasses: Hidalgo sunglasses for outside (0% IR, 1%UVA, 8% visible light), with option for magnetic clip-ons if it gets too bright out there, and Bolle 100 for inside.

Michel, MarshallProtocol.com

I really like my glacier glasses with Hidalgo Kontraster glass lenses. These are now available in bifocal, and you can color-coat front and/or back and or add mirror finish to bring the light transmission down. If you are fairly near-sighted, the center of the lense will be lighter, or if far-sighted, the outside of lense will be lighter. I am near-sighted and this has not been a problem but actually helps. My problem was the weight of the glass hurting my rather sensitive ears and area around them. I solved this problem by wearing cloth tube glasses holders sold for water sports. On my glasses there are removable ear pieces, so I just took them off. Now most of the weight and pressure is on the back of my head, and my ear area is not in agony.

P. Bear

I bought a pair of Wiley sunglasses and had an optician put 2% NoIR lenses in those frames. They are goggles that look like regular sunglasses, and they have a “Facial Cavity Seal” that forms a tight seal around the eyes. For me, the NoIR 35 frames let in a lot of light from the sides, so this new frame, which doesn't let in any light from the sides, should help me with the light sensitivity. When I need to make the occasional trip outdoors during the day, I will continue to “double-up” and wear 2% NoIR fit-overs over the new goggles. The degree of light sensitivity I have definitely makes things difficult, but I am just continuing to figure out ways to deal with it and avoid light as much as possible, and I'm sure I will get through this eventually.

Russ, MarshallProtocol.com

Concerns about sunglasses lack of style

If you go out and your family still wants to not be seen with you, let them walk and sit separately from you and they may soon realise your health is more important than what other people think.

Remind them that they can put up with you looking funny for a couple of years, or they can put up with you being sicker and sicker until you die.

P. Bear

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