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Why is it important?

Bioeffects are significant, even for those that can't perceive their effects. Immune functions are slowly degraded, leading to premature aging.

A new article “Is cell phone radiation really harmless?” is quite well-written. Sadly it still focuses on cancer risks, rather than on EEG or immune risks, and only two cancers, at that. But it is worth a close read, and it is worthwhile showing to skeptics, as it points out that 50% is not “no evidence” :)

..Trevor.. April 2015


Evidence of a nonlinear human magnetic sense 1)

The influence of electromagnetic fields on human brain activity 2)

Alpha oscillations shed new light on relation between EEG and single neurons 3)

Diurnal variations of EEG power in healthy adults 4)

Electromagnetic fields, such as those from mobile phones, alter regional cerebral blood flow and sleep and waking EEG 5)

Carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields 6)

Exposure to 2.1-GHz WCDMA-modulated MW radiation caused hyperpolarization of mitochondria that in turn induced apoptosis in MCF-7 cells 7)

Neural mechanisms underlying brain waves: from neural membranes to networks 8)

Neuronal mechanisms and attentional modulation of corticothalamic α oscillations 9)

Pulsed radio-frequency electromagnetic fields: dose-dependent effects on sleep, the sleep EEG and cognitive performance 10)

understanding the theory

at Khan Academy

Endocrine System - introduction

Neural cells and neurotransmitters

Technical support group EMR Aware newsletter

provides this link to “an entertaining and easily understood video presentation” The Electromagnetic Spectrum

see also European research Understanding emfs - EHS & MCS research group

Quantum criticality

Most molecules in living things signal and synchronize due to quantum criticality:

“biomolecules exist in a state of quantum criticality, poised at the edge between quantum and classical behavior. They rightfully, and correctly in my view, suggest this quantum critical feature is relevant to the fundamental nature of life”

“artificial quantum systems are plagued by thermal and electromagnetic interactions with their environments, disrupting quantum states and causing 'decoherence'

EM interactions? Really?

Quantum criticality in Life's proteins

When molecules interact they emit small puffs of quantum energy. Enough puffs might well push other molecules over their critical point.

My final slide in St Petersburg offers evidence that this is what we are looking at - EM interactions shape the fundamental nature of life…

Trevor Marshall, PhD Aug. 2015


Regulation of Gene Expression in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 during Electron Acceptor Limitation and Bacterial Nanowire Formation. 11)

Ultrastructure of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 nanowires revealed by electron cryotomography. 12)

The presence and absence of periplasmic rings in bacterial flagellar motors correlates with stator type. 13)

Cost of doing nothing

Presently, the health costs of ignoring the problem are partly unknown, partly hidden by oversight or decisions protecting financial interests.

In the U.S.A. the fire services are using the precautionary principle to remove cell phone antennas and towers from fire stations, they know they must be fit to do their important work, and at least some are aware of dangerous impact on physical and mental energy and on mental processes

IAFF Resolution No. 15; August 2004

the brain is the first organ to be affected by RF radiation and symptoms manifest in a multitude of neurological conditions including migraine headaches, extreme fatigue, disorientation, slowed reaction time, vertigo, vital memory loss and attention deficit amidst life threatening emergencies.

from IAFF resolutions, August 2004

see also


It is essential to know the extent of the problems in your environment, and of any improvements you are able to effect

measuring emf


buying meters

using meters

Keithw said I have a the “WiFi analyser” app on my phone, it can pick up a signal from various neighbours WiFi 30 - 50 yards away.

This is available to everyone with a mobile phone for free and while perhaps not useful for collecting specific data it would make exactly the point in a shopping centre even if it doesn't beep or flash lights. Think passive smoking, bio hazard or even radiation leak, there are some places people shouldn't go and this is a free tool to help you identify such places.

Thinking about microwaves

I was talking with an EMF researcher yesterday (nobody we know) and it struck me how differently I think about Microwaves by comparison with how others think about Microwaves.

In January 1965, fifty years ago, I built a very sensitive 'microwave' radio transceiver and, together with Rick Mathews and a two other radio amateurs at Cape Jervis, we set an Australian long-distance record for Microwave radio transmission. At that time, 576MHz was the highest frequency which electronic circuitry (as distinct from Magnetrons and etc) could reach. To achieve this record we had to figure out how the waves travelled through the air, reflected off objects (particularly the sea which was between our locations) in addition to designing the best equipment to generate and launch them.

So I tend to break an Electromagnetic problem down into segments. In this case we have the biological system (molecules and cells) which is being affected. This is sitting in the brain, a semi-fluid medium of tissue encased in bone and skin. It is attached to a semi-fluid body by a plethora of partially conducting nerves, sinews and bone. An incident electromagnetic wave has to penetrate the fluid in order to reach the nerves.

So I initially assumed that the spine, where nerves are most exposed, would be most sensitive in EHS. Imagine my surprise when I ran the first 27MHz CWS unit up the back of my body, from toes to head, and found that the only significant response I was getting was when the unit was near my head. The spine does not seem to factor into whatever causes EHS.

The next thing which is different about this community's approach is our use of measurements - of numbers. Other researchers, including professionals, are very lackadaisical about actually measuring the RF environment to quantify the nature of the environmental signals. Two things are important, the amplitude, and the frequency. Another factor, TEM vs Capacitive waves, is too complex for us to contemplate right now.

I am not prepared to use fabrics which do not have a good shielding performance. That is a waste of time, as it confuses the outcome by the introduction of half-measures. If the body's response is graded in any way – dependent on amplitude or frequency – then using a fabric like “Swiss Shield,” which fails to shield at the very Microwave frequencies where we know sensitivity occurs, is only going to confuse.

See how the performance of Swiss-Shield rapidly drops at about 700MHz, exactly the lowest cell-phone frequencies, and is not even plotted at 4G or WiFi frequencies. Additionally it is insulating – it can't be hemmed into a seam which conducts electricity – so there is no possibility of sewing a Faraday Shield.

The very first protective hat which Liz sewed for me was placed on a hollow plastic head, an RFexplorer was placed inside the head, and I radiated the hat from front and rear to try and define what I was dealing with. Another way we use measurements, rather than relying on instinct.

Good Science requires both opportunistic chance observations, and careful follow-up. Yesterday I was admonished for concentrating too much on the follow-up, rather than “listening to my body.” But when it is the brain which is being affected, are we really able to objectively perceive anything? IMO there has to be follow-up measurement and understanding. ImmunopathologyA temporary increase in disease symptoms experienced by Marshall Protocol patients that results from the release of cytokines and endotoxins as disease-causing bacteria are killed. makes perception even harder - actually reducing the shielding might make us feel better (in the short-term).

I hope that explains my slow and methodical approach to EMF remediation. So let's look at 'bloc-bags.' Well, first, as the graph demonstrates, the fabric from which the bag is constructed will fail to shield the important cell-phone, DECT and WiFi frequencies. It provides some protection, but the non-conductive seams mean that there can be no certainty that any particular use of the bag in any particular environment is going to shield its occupant from incoming radiation.

I have assumed from day-1 that our job is to get rid of all radiation incident on the tissues of the brain. The CWS told us that the brain was exquisitely sensitive to low level signals. We discovered that that getting rid of the waves entirely seems to cause immunopathology, especially in those of us who are most affected. But we know how to deal with immunopathology, we can work through it. Which is what I have been doing these past 6 months. And it does disappear with the passage of time, at least for me. So my focus remains - total shielding of the important tissues - an approach which will work in any environment.

I am sitting typing this in a special 'hoodie' made out of the same lightweight fabric we used for the 'sleeping hats.' It provides an almost total shield for the upper half of the body. Liz also made me a bag which covers the lower half of the body. This combination will shield the body tissues to the same, or better, degree than if the fabric had been made into a whole-body bag. Yet it is much more flexible, and it can be worn under other clothing. I have only been using this 'hoodie' for 2 days, and I cannot give any final conclusions yet, except to say that it confirms what I have been thinking - that shielding the entire upper part of the body does make a difference beyond just shielding the head, but it is not a big difference.

Both the commercial hoodies are a waste of time. I bought the yShield, it degraded to no-conductivity in just a few uses. The Silverell fabric provides only 20dB (or so) of shielding. That gets you from -40dBm to -60dBm. But you need to be at -80dBm :X

I have personally found no benefit at all from shielding the legs, which is what I would expect when looking at the geometry of how the microwaves hit the body, and are conducted through the torso. At least there are neurons in the GI tract, and shielding them might be expected to possibly have some effect. But the legs - no rationale at all. Perhaps Mike is having a local reaction with his knots - but only time will tell.

The number-1 thing that each of us has to do is to reduce our exposure to cell-phones. WiFi routers and DECT phones should be retired immediately. I have made some suggestions about controlling WiFi signal strengths in cases where members of our family don't yet realize how important it is to use wired ethernet connections to their phones and tablets.

My cell phone, a Galaxy Note, gets its internet via USB-cable, reverse-tethering to my computer. Liz's Nexus 7 has a wired ethernet dongle on it. I have an app in my phone to connect to Google Voice over data, when I am traveling. Our home telephones all use wired Google-Voice or VOIP. There is a wire between the physical phones in the front and back offices. All the ethernet cable running through the building is shielded. Computers are shielded-laptops, every wire sprouts ferrite cores. Stetzerisers are everywhere, and our switching power supplies have mostly been trashed. yShield paint protects the Office and the Bedroom.

In short, I feel I have now controlled the immediate environment. Now I can look more closely at levels close to the threshold of measurement - around -80dBm. And there is no doubt that parts of the innate immune system are being activated when waves are totally removed. This was the correct course of action. I have confidence that I now can explain what has been happening to slow the MP healing of some of our members, and that we will be able to figure out what to do about it.

Trevor Marshall, PhD, 9 May 2015 09:07 am


How Ferrites Can Prevent and Eliminate RF Interference

Is one ferrite core per cord usually enough, even if it has many turns? Or the more ferrite cores per cord the better?

Are they also recommended on ethernet cables, or just on power cables?

Usually one at each end is the best plan.

Use them on Ethernet and USB cables. Anything linking noisy equipment. They isolate the high frequency components so they don't travel along the cable.

USB dongles can sometimes be quite noisy.

Along with enough Stetzerizers, and the use of a GS meter to identify noisy appliances, power systems can be made quite clean this way.

Wwhen you get to microwave frequencies above 600MHz the wavelengths are very short (less than half a metre) and even an inch or two of wire radiates a significant signal. So the multiple turns really only help at the lowest RF frequencies, where they help a lot. At cell phone frequencies (700MHz - 5,000MHz) ferrites are of limited usefulness, as the signal has already radiated from the cable in the region of the plug, and not even reached the ferrite bead.

Running a wire (a USB cord, for example) through a ferrite 3 or 4 times increases its impedance at lower RF frequencies (say 1-10MHz) by 10 times. But the ferrite has little effect by the time we hit the microwave frequencies.

1. At low frequencies - discard noisy equipment and power supplies 2. Use stetzerisers for 2KHz to 100KHz noise 3. Use ferrite beads for 1MHz to 100MHz (where many LED lamps radiate) 4. Use shielding against microwaves.

materials for emf reduction

Some observations…

+ Soft N Safe : A bamboo fabric with silver thread woven into it that has a soft hand feel and seems to shield signals from some frequencies better than others. (see this for details of a similar material: Soft N Safe. The material I used was a custom version where the fabric is black. We are not sure about durability for this material.

+ Staticot : A cotton/polyester blend fabric with microfine stainless steel fibers (see this for details: Staticot. I liked this for a sleeping tent because it has more structural stability (on the floor of the tent), has a pleasant color (spring green) and is very durable.

+ 78#B : This is the fabric we used for the SLEEPING CAPS. A bamboo fabric with silver thread that has a lighter weight and greater durability than Soft N Safe. This fabric is one of the best for shielding the range of frequencies needed for recovery.

+ #92 : This fabric is a silver 4 way stretch knit that is less durable than 78#B and yet has been found to be very comfortable for daily wear. It performs the best of all the fabrics for shielding over the whole range of frequencies we have been able to test. It does not provide as good of structural support on the floor when used as a tent.

+ AtticFoil (technically not a fabric) : This material provides excellent shielding performance while also being very durable. While it does have microperforations, it does not provide any ventilation, therefore another material must be used to allow a small fan to blow air into a tent made from this material. This is described here: How to make a Faraday Cage

see also Protective materials

Effects w/o mitigation?

The CDC says that 50% of US Adults suffer from chronic disease. This 50% are potentially having their disease symptoms made worse by Electrosmog from wireless communication devices. It seems that the primary harm from Radio Waves is not brain cancer, but exacerbation of the diseases people already have… electrosmog and autoimmune disease

UPDATE: The original presentation in St Petersburg is a little old now, but here it is: https://youtu.be/37j2jDN8IVo

UPDATE: A video of “What more is there to Discover about Vit-D?,” my talk at the recent International Congress on Autoimmunity in Leipzig, is now on YouTube. It highlights EMF interaction with VDRThe Vitamin D Receptor. A nuclear receptor located throughout the body that plays a key role in the innate immune response. protein at the 14min15sec mark. https://youtu.be/T8CL32dGJC4

What does 'underdamped' mean, and why is it important?

If you take a pen which is sitting on your desk, and nudge it a little, it will either stay still where you nudged it to, or it will settle back into a slightly different position if, for example, you nudged it so that it was balanced on its cap, and needed to fall back flat.

When an atom is nudged in a molecule it will either stay where it ends up, or fall back into a slightly more stable location. 'Underdamped' means that it will oscillate around the stable location for a long time without actually becoming stationary there. Just like a pen will often roll-over, and roll back to a more stable position. Critically damped means that only a tiny nudge is needed to move it again, only a tiny amount of energy, as the current position is not a stable one

Prof. Marshall posted: Mon Aug 3rd, 2015 The key to note is that the brain is not wired, it works on electromagnetic communication via quantum criticality. I explained this during my talk in St Petersburg.

Here is a simple explanation: electromagnetic communication via quantum criticality and here is a more detailed blog quantum criticality in life proteins

(Note particularly Hameroff's response at the bottom of the blog, as he described this phenomenon as far back as 1982… )


Lorenzo asks Yes, I read a little bit of Penrose's ideas about microtubules in the past. Interesting stuff.

That you say the brain is not wired, I can'† see how that's true?

Prof. Marshall replies Classical neurology looks at an axon as connecting two neurons, but I have seen nothing to indicate an axon is a “wire” rather than an “antenna” (or network, if you like). “Viewing neurons as computational primitives is an insult to neurons”

Lorenzo:Bacteria Might Communicate Using Radio Waves

“The research revolves around a feature called circular DNA (DNA loops), which is found in simple organisms like viruses and bacteria. As free electrons move around these loops, a radio wave can be produced — and as quantum objects, these electrons can also take on different energy levels. It is posited that these two factors could allow bacteria to transmit radio waves at frequencies of 0.5, 1 and 1.5KHz.”

Prof. Marshall Here are the links to the videos of the seminar “New Frontiers in Medicine” at UNESCO showing exactly what Luc's group has been doing:

Prof. Marshall replies AA

Prof Guiseppe Vitiello: A Quantum field approach to Living Matter

Prof Marc Henry: Water, Electromagnetism and Quantum Coherence

Prof Carlo Ventura: The Voice of the Stem Cells

Luc Montagnier: Exploring the Role of Latent Infection (They look best at full HD resolution, 1080p)

Prof. Marshall posted: Thu Aug 13th, 2015 In my video I describe the effects of the electrosmog as “accelerating aging.”

Which it is. A paper came out just this week tying low inflammatory disease with living to be 110.

worst case scenario

Barrie Trower - Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Researcher Says That WiFi Is Killing Us youtube John McC posted Aug, 2015

Barrie Trower paper WiFi a Thalidomide in the making: Wifi - a "thalidomide"

Fungus and mold have been on this planet for so much longer than mammals, and are very persistent

microbial growth & electromagnetic radiation we do not want to encourage them !

Prof. Marshall Mar 19th, 2016

All living things are affected by electromagnetic microwaves. Plants, microbes, people. But people are much harder to study than bugs, so the microbes tend to drag our focus away from the damage also being done to human biology. Please take a look at my presentations, and the articles they cited:

The Origin of Life And The Hidden Role of Quantum Criticality

Terahertz underdamped vibrational motion governs protein-ligand binding in solution Quantum Criticality at the Origin of Life

It will take at least a generation for Scientists to figure this out. This is not Incremental Science, it is Breakthrough Science.

and alzheimers ??

constantly checking mobile phone can lead to cognitive failure

” Academics have warned there is “a darker side of hypermobility”, which means frequent flyers are at risk from serious physiological, psychological, emotional and social damage.

The study, by researchers at the University of Surrey and Linnaeus University in Sweden, said work trips abroad are still associated with “glamour”, but there is an ominous silence “with regard to the darker side”.

The most obvious consequence is jetlag, which affects sleep times and gastro-intestinal patterns. ….

Jetlag and metabolic disorder

Jetlag can also switch off genes that are linked to the immune system, thereby raising the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Long-term chronic jetlag among airline cabin crew is associated with memory impairment.“

What can you expect w/ mitigation?

Ok, so I dug out my 'Naturell' tent and set it up inside the yShield painted utility room and measured the RF inside it (double shielding). Using the Cornet, antenna preamp, 2.5 GHz low pass filter, and 7 dB gain log antenna, I got a calculated -84 dBm reading which means the RF is less than -84 dBm and is out of the range of testing. Based on tested effectiveness of the tent of -20 dB and room ambient of -70 dBm I figure it is likely that inside the tent was -90 dBm.

The result of spending 2 hours in the tent was no muscle knots with a brief adjustment period of about 10 minutes after closing up the tent. This was contrary to using garments inside the utility room in that wearing the garments caused muscle knots. Even after leaving the double shielding zone, the effect lasted. later in the day I retested and got the same results. Further, right hand fingers became stiffer as they would be in the early morning.

In addition, I tried the BlocBag for sleeping in the utility room (previous test results indicated -20 dBm for the BlocBag shielding effectiveness similar to the tent), however, I couldn't fall asleep. It could be that my mind was just not used to such a low RF environment and could not adjust.

So, based on what I am seeing in an inferred -90 dBm zone, as opposed to a -70 dBm zone plus garments, what I surmise is that garments have benefit, but are not ideal for RF protection as compared to a protected zone. Furthermore, there is for me significant benefit, at least at this preliminary stage, in setting up a -90 dBm zone as muscle knots is the biggest obstacle to function.

mvanwink5 June 2015

mvanwink5 posted: Mon May 8th, 2017 I restarted daily Haha Yoga, but not walks. My plan at this point is to add moderate daily walks in 3 weeks assuming all goes well. The ‘frozen’ right shoulder might be about to exit from symptom list after 2 years. Last week’s GI trouble seems to have been short term, maybe it was an acute symptom and not IP, but no way to know. I have had to increase MgCitrate though. Also, mood improved significantly and extra daily sleep requirements above 8 hours is mostly gone. However, I am still marginal at getting anything done.

Had some minor dental work, teeth cleaning and had a filling fixed without a pain killing injection.

,, it seems to me the muscle knots is not a muscle problem, but occurs when nerves are exhausted, and RF causes the nerves to become exhausted quicker. When the muscles knot up, I can reverse that with sleep in an RF quiet zone.

The body's response to low levels of RF seems to occur in steps. As we quieten our environment, the immune sensitivity increases down to below -90dBm (the value on my slides in St Petersburg). There may be steps below this, I don't know yet. But I am getting firmer in setting -65dBm (on a Cornet) as the target level below which the immune system first starts to reactivate…

What I think is happening to the Biology is that any level of environmental RF above about -80dBm (measured at your brain) incrementally shuts down parts of your immune system. By the time you get to -60dBm that immune capability is fully shut down. Then there is no further change until about -35dBm, where the immediate, disorienting, effects start to occur.

- Trevor

I wasn't able to get the level below -70dBm in our house. IMO, once the IP has worked itself out, this level ought to be good enough to maintain 'health'

- Trevor Marshall

When you shield down to -90dBm the IP goes through the roof. New IP, from areas that haven't been very active before. But it is IP, and it follows the trajectory of what we saw on OlmesartanMedication taken regularly by patients on the Marshall Protocol for its ability to activate the Vitamin D Receptor. Also known by the trade name Benicar. alone, namely, the symptoms drop over time and a new state of health envelops the body and mind. It is possible (sometimes) to ease up on the shielding and back off the IP a little.

- Trevor Marshall

The reason that Science has found it difficult to measure any specific threshold at which Biology becomes affected by microwave radiation is that there is no real 'threshold'. Damage begins at the very low levels near Boltzmann thermal noise - lower than we can easily measure - and the interference with protein and molecular interactions increases as the photon flux increases (as the field strength increases). At an Electrosmog level equal to the Bioinitiative 2012 recommendation of -47dBm, a flux of around 5 million microwave photons is passing through our bodies. Each microwave photon only carries an energy of a few micro electron Volts (ueV), but cumulatively they have enough energy to upset nearly all human metabolism.

Human proteins are resonant, this paper shows that this resonance is what is most easily disturbed by the microwave photon flux. This resonance explains why certain types of signals with fast-varying frequency content (such as pulsed 4G signals) are more disruptive than continuous wave signals. This is why the therapeutic microwave medical devices (from Eastern Europe) often use a noise-based millimetre signal source rather than continuous waves. Our CWS uses continuous waves. Maybe that is why it seems to be not so immune-disruptive, with primarily a neurological impact?

- Trevor Marshall

related articles

External sources

Linda J Posted: Tue Nov 3rd, 2015

CNN just posted an article titled Google, Facebook, SpaceX, OneWeb plan to beam Internet everywhere found here: satellite-drone-balloon internet

Prof. Marshall replies

“Linda, the difference between a cell-tower 300 yards away, a Google Loon balloon 20,000 yards away and a satellite 200,000 yards away is distance. The magnitude of EM radiation falls off as the square of the distance. There is another difference, a terrestial cell-tower has limitless power available to radiate, while satellite and balloon systems have to generate their power with solar arrays.

Taken together, the microwave energy falling on the earth if all these schemes are successful is perhaps a millionth of what exists in your neighborhood right now. The only system already deployed is the Google Loon Balloons, which radiate a 4G signal around -90dBm.

That is three million times less than the signal Edward Plum has on his balcony, and 100,000 less than I have outside on my own street. It is generally not enough to penetrate buildings with metal roofs or aluminum insulation.

The target we have set for a home environment is -65dBm maximum, and the balloons are still much less than this.

So although the idea of satellites blanketing the earth with microwaves might seem scary, at this point in technology the capability of coming even close to the damage being done by terrestrial cell-towers is just not there. In fact, I often argue that the Loon balloons may be a saving grace for technology, a way of delivering mobile phone signals (out-of-doors) which is relatively 'friendly' to human biology.”


When our own neighbor accidentally placed their WiFi router near a window I asked them to move it, telling them the name of their network, and when it was busiest. They moved it immediately, and apologized profusely.

So don't be afraid to talk with your neighbors when your Cornet starts indicating a new signal in your neighborhood

TM November 2015

Smart meter

Smart meters and what they do

EPRI data: picture from smartmetereducationnetwork.com


Read more

Biology as Light

Prof. Marshall posted: Mon Jun 5th, 2017 We have to stop thinking in reductionist terms. Pathways are concepts that we have imposed on biology. They are merely our explanation for the subset of what is actually happening which we are studying at any point in time.

Mankind has to accept that Biology is currently far more complex than the human mind can conceive.

Yesterday I read a paper by a respected Russian researcher arguing that cells don't exist in the absence of electromagnetic waves that hold them together, organize each function, and regulate homeostasis. In other words humans are just collections of Quarks, and other fundamental particles, held together by complex, and changing, electromagnetic forces.

There are a handful of scientists who agree with him, and I am fast shifting to that point of view, too. The key to me is that water, the basis for all life, is not a classical fluid, but a collection of dynamically changing nano-structures which act as a conduit for the EM waves.

So it really doesn't help to try and force-fit what we are observing onto ancient concepts like 'cellular signalling,' as even the system-biology-level concepts such as “immune system” can no longer really be identified as any discrete entity. The brain coordinates so many of the systems we once thought were discrete.

In other words, fundamental biological Science is changing very fast. All the concepts you and I currently hold will look very different in a decade from now

However - EM waves affect EVERYTHING. Every molecule. Every 'pathway.' And they have started to cause harm at levels well below today's Electrosmog.

If you want to read about some of this stuff, there is a 46MByte PDF book available at Fields of the cell

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[PMID: 17716273] [DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2869.2007.00603.x]
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Subramanian P, Pirbadian S, El-Naggar MY, Jensen GJ. Ultrastructure of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 nanowires revealed by electron cryotomography. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Apr 3;115(14):E3246-E3255. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1718810115. Epub 2018 Mar 19.
[PMID: 29555764] [PMCID: 5889646] [DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1718810115]
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