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jezzer May 24th, 2016 Having a 'blue sky' moment - as the knowledge of EMF effects on us gains pace, I wonder if at some time in the future there may be a development of living/holiday/retirement accommodation (set in a big enough/well located parcel of land)to provide EMF shielded buildings in an area that has as low as possible EMF levels - perhaps something to look forward to…?

thank you Lorenzo for WI-Fi free accommodations or eateries around the world.

Prof. Marshall replies Not in the UK, Jezzer. The new law in France set up study-groups to report back next year on such “white zones” both in metropolitan and rural settings. But the Queen's speech (in the UK) just announced that “eminent domain” will be use in the UK to force landholders to sell land for the erection of cell-towers. I suspect there will be even fewer “white zones” in the UK soon. currently, the quiet areas are mainly in Scotland…

In the USA much of the frantic 4G buildout of the last two years seems to be over (touch wood). I think the carriers here are pretty happy with the 99% coverage they have. Unlike in the UK they are not being forced into 100% population coverage.

Rumor has it that the police radio network in the UK will be switched from tetra soon, as Tetra is too unreliable. Perhaps that is why the UK government is so zealous to achieve 100% buildout?

The good news is that 4G is so much more damaging to human biology than 3G – that will speed recognition and resolution of the public health issues, I think…

jezzer I think I would seriously consider retirement to France if they have effective white zones. I have a family friend here in the UK about to start building their own house from scratch and I was going to mention to them that building in EMF shielding materials would be advisable - is the yShield HEG03 a good solution for placing in the wall cavity for example ?…

Prof. Marshall Posted: Fri Aug 19th, 2016 15:47 I found a list of “quiet zones” here: https://www.emfs.com/article/emf-quiet-zones

I am not sure if they are quiet by our standards, and especially I doubt the suitability of location of the communities in the USA.

(and) Found a video about the Snowflake colony:

Allergic to life

It does look pretty remote :) I would like to see some meters and RFexplorers there, though….

Outdoor environments - research

For most outdoor areas the major exposure contribution was from mobile phone base stations. Otherwise broadcasting was dominant. Exposure levels tended to increase with increasing urbanity.

In most microenvironments downlink from mobile phone base stations is the most relevant contributor. 1)

Nowhere left to hide

Nyima Jun 5th, 2016 These are popping up all over my city. Just in case we thought there might be somewhere left to hide:(


Joyful Another reason to obtain one of the Foundation's Sniffer's. The CORNET does not catch the fast pulses of 4G, the Sniffer does alert you to the presence of 4G.

Those with chronic illness are more emf sensitive

I can feel wi-fi

mvanwink5 Oct 2nd, 2016

mvanwink5 EHS is a complicated picture including source (frequency spectrum, intensity, signal type), interacting disparate factors (Microbiome, etc.), and the health industry is still stuck at the stage of denial, the stage of pure ignorance.

The psychological explanations are Medieval, on the level of superstition. What a mess, and pitiful.

'EMF refugee' implies there is somewhere to go to escape. And there is the idea that if you can't feel the RF the level of RF is ok, or the 'EHS people' are just looking for relief. I would like to remind others that immune suppression can feel good, but can lead to cancer.

From what I can understand, all life on earth (with the exception of extremophiles ) is 'EHS'. 'Sufferers' are merely the the coal mine canaries telegraphing the alarm to everyone to 'get out'.

Markt9452 Alisons experience' fits the pattern that I am seeing/experiencing.

That this thing we call Lyme has an electrical component.


EMF Refugee

Markt9452 But when I try to bring myself into those moments – to give them words – to express what it’s like to “be me,” to “be sick,” to “have Lyme” – the words get distorted

Do I have MS? Lupus? Lyme? RA? What do you mean you don’t know? How can nothing be wrong with me? No, I’m not going to take Paxil. Go back to work. Design another sales tool. Google “peripheral neuropathy.”

Can you re-test for Lyme? No? Why not? No thank you, I do not want Zoloft.

And I remember the tick bite. ..9 years old

Prof. Marshall Aug 13th, 2016 Seriously though, as you work down the initial IP you will probably find that you may need some shielding to get down to the -90dBm (or so) that Mike and I have found is really helpful when sleeping :) And then there are those nasty satellites emptying rubbish onto our heads…

I would also try a longer whip on the Cornet - 3/4 metre is about the length for FM radio, to make sure there aren't any signals down in that region - below where the sniffer works well…

The RF explorer is OK on FM and two-way radio signals, as they are not usually pulsed signals. So you can put a longer antenna on the explorer, and see what you can find in the region between 50MHz and 700MHz, where the sniffer comes into its own.

It is good you have figured out the benefits of the Olmesartan. Having the waves around you all the time really is a very disruptive influence, isn't it?


a lost opportunity here: buy a village Sugar Grove

Joyful Ok, say there isn't enough cash to and person capitol to run a whole town. What about a little bit of a scaled down set of accommodations?

430 Aurora Lane Sugar Grove West Virginia

CousinTC “….even microwave ovens are on the negatory list” They make these sound like detriments…

The possibilities of a healing town for the RF sensitive is very intriguing.

Hoffer wrote

But what's to prevent a wireless company from erecting a tower in a few years just outside the gates if the the NRAO loses its funding and is shuttered?

Prof. Marshall replies The town council you are going to elect :)

The homeowners agreements would have to be pretty watertight :)


One thing that seemed to jump out at me on this is the difference between 1-25D & olmesartan activation of the VDRThe Vitamin D Receptor. A nuclear receptor located throughout the body that plays a key role in the innate immune response. wrt EMF interference:

'The VDR is even more susceptible when bound with its natural ligand'

So this would mean that a VDR activated with olmesartan would be more resistant to disruption from EMF than when activated by 1-25D ?

Thus giving more 'protection' of immune function when under the influence of EMF ? — jezzer Oct 9th, 2017

Prof. Marshall replies Well, it would certainly behave differently. There is a different resonant frequency and more hydrogen bonds (meaning more EMF resistance) in the case of Olmesartan. But these effects are swamped by the sheer strength of today's electrosmog. If your body senses the CWS then you are sensitive to signals 10,000 times weaker than the level at which the sniffers start to sound a warning beep. That sensitivity, backed up by EEG studies and Mike's experience, is mind-boggling… It means that no EBM study of EHS can ever be rigorous, as there can be no 'control' group.

Interesting that the NIH NTP Rat-cancer study found that their control rats had cancer less often than typically expected in lab animals. The NTP control group were shielded from electrosmog (did I read somewhere that they were even kept underground?).

Thanks for your reply - so without considering the frequency differences but just amplitude I assume that as we get our EMF levels down to (relative) very low levels with shielding then there should be more benefical effect from olmesartan EMF resistance, so even greater overall benefits from getting to the really low levels… J

Prof. Marshall replies I am not sure if any EMF sensitivities would be as important as the Olmesartan's biochemical action. When an MP user gets down to RF baseline they should not have remaining immune disease symptoms, etc, that “the public” has…

jezzer Nov 21st, 2016 With several people here looking at Green Bank as a place to move to I just wondered if there are other safe zones around other radio telescopes ? List

Nyima Would this help to locate them?


Or search for 'IUCAF's Map of World Radio Telescopes and Radio Quiet Zones'

Or this?

Radio quiet zones

mvanwink5 The key attribute of the Green Bank Radio Telescope is that it has a huge bandwidth and that makes the radio silent requirement frequency wise very broad. This huge bandwidth is what enabled them to secure the $100 million contract to search for extraterrestrial signals of intelligence.

So, it might be a one off. I hope not.


White zones are not a solution, but are certainly a help. I am convinced that the rise of emissions in the AM and Short Wave region of the spectrum, which spread globally, prevent any place on this planet, any place under the ionosphere, from achieving true-isolation. Maybe there is also a satellite or avionics contribution. DavidMac and Mike at Green Bank, and myself at Dartmoor, have confirmed that. However, such an environment is certainly better than any of our current city environments, even if it is not “good enough” to do the job well. I think that clothing and house shielding will produce that little bit extra isolation :)

- Dr Marshall, 22 April 2017

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