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To support the mission of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation, no cost access to a forum-based support community is made available by the Foundation. Membership in this support community is for persons learning about or pursuing recovery through the use of the scientific understanding and clinical experience developed in relation to the Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis..

Posting medical guidance

Our site may help members to better understand chronic disease and how the Marshall Protocol is being used to address it. But only their properly licensed healthcare provider (chosen by them) may legally diagnose and treat their conditions.

It is not appropriate to provide direct medical guidance on our forums.1)

The guidelines apply to all members, regardless of experience, background, professional standing or training. Members that are also Health Professionals are not excluded from following these guidelines.

Discussing scientific theories

We may have opinions, and even informed opinions, but good scientific etiquette requires that we do not insist that others see things our way. There are many levels that must be held in order to gain credibility.

Careful and complete observations are important. Still, one must keep an awareness that even medical records and other documentation can be incomplete or inaccurate in their content.

Developing interpretations of how or why certain observations have been noted is even more difficult. Therefore, even more care must be taken to consider all reasonable interpretations and to address questions with plausible explanations. In our discussions, our clinical observations often inform and guide the direction of our scientific inquiries and literature searches.

The MP Knowledge Base contains a community-based attempt to distill much of the evidence in the literature we have found to be relevant and to explain our theories based on these published observations.

Providing support to other members

Before posting support for other members, please review our member-to-member support guidelines.

Appropriate posting

Appropriate posting is nearly always of a conversational nature, where members are discussing relevant topics in exchanges that allow for a respectful give-and-take discussion for all participants.

Site organization

Main article: Site organization

Our site is organized around forums for specific types of communication and discussions. Members are encouraged to understand this organization in order to choose the appropriate forum to post new topics.

Housekeeping practices

Inappropriate posts may be moved, edited, or deleted at the discretion of the housekeeping or forum staff.

Our general practice is to notify the author of such posts when a response was necessary and to log all housekeeping actions for review by our support team and staff.

Posting personal information

While some members may feel comfortable and assured enough to handle undesirable interactions or ending up in a spammer database, it is our policy for our housekeeping staff to remove personal contact information from posts on our forums when it is brought to our attention. We feel this is part of how we keep our community a safe place to interact.

Posting about healthcare providers

Out of respect for all healthcare providers, we ask that our members do not post names of any healthcare providers that they are working with. Our housekeeping staff has been instructed to remove this type of information from posts on our forums when it is brought to our attention.

Posting about non-MP therapies

Those on the Marshall Protocol are encouraged to post information about the use of non-MP therapies as part of their regular updates in their own progress thread. However, we ask that members not promote or advocate for alternative treatments on our forums.


Members may not post solicitations or promotions for financial benefit or that would be in violation of applicable law.

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