How to Register

Before registering for access to our research and support community forums at MarshallProtocol.com please carefully review the follow important information.

Choosing a user name

Before you register, take a moment to think about your personal need for privacy.

If you become an active member of this support community you may be posting information that you would not want to be linked to your “real world” identity.

In fact, to get the most benefit from all the support available, you will need to feel free to post details that will allow others to share common experiences and insights, but you probably wouldn't want (for example) your neighbor or a future employer to know.

Choosing a natural language name makes it easier for other members to connect and this will help you create closer relationships that will serve you well as you go along.

Therefore, as you choose a user name, it is recommended that you choose a “screen name” for your online identity that will meet these criteria.

Do not use the symbol&” as part of your chosen name. This symbol leads to computer problems!

Finally, this community does not permit the use of user names that market a product or contain an email address.

Choosing a password

It is considered wise to use a unique password for sites such as this forum. It is best to use at least 6 letters and a number or two in your password. For example: “cm7mi3go” has 2 numbers and 6 letters.

You may want to write your user name and password down and tape it to your monitor, along with the forum address link, just in case you (or a caregiver) need it for reference later on.

Initiating the registration process

If you share your computer with someone else and they are already logged into this site, you will need to Logout first.

There is a link near the top right of the page that will take you to the forum Registration page.

This is where you will enter your selected user name and password, respond to a simple math problem (used to filter out spambots), and re-enter your selected password. After all fields are filled in, click on the (Send) button.

Keeping email messages out of your spam folder

Mail from this site, including your activation email, will be sent to you from moderators@marshallprotocol.com.

In most email clients, adding this email address to your contacts list will keep these email messages out of your spam folder. If your email program uses other junk filters, be sure to set them to allow mail from our site.

Activating your account

After you register, an email will be sent to you that has an activation link that you must visit in order to confirm your registration and activate your account.

If the activation message is not sent fairly quickly, check your spam or junk mail folders first. If the message is not there, it is possible you made an error when entering your email address.

If you do not activate your registration within 48 hours from your initial registration request, the user name will be cleared from the system and you may again attempt your registration with the same user name.

Learning how to use our forums

Helpful tips for using our forums can be read by clicking on the button with the title “Help” found at the top right of each page. You will likely want to take a look at the additional forum software usage tips here in the MP knowledge base.

Creating a signature line

The next step after activating your account is to Create a signature line so that other members of our support community can best understand your situation and experience before responding to your posts.

Managing your profile

Your forum user profile contains information (and an image, if you like) that will be displayed. Your location, signature line, and avatar will be displayed for each post you make on the forums. You will likely want to bookmark these instructions for Managing your user profile.

Introducing yourself to our community

To help foster community on our forums, your first post on the forums is an introduction. We ask that you provide enough information that we can understand what brought you to the forums, but there are some details that should be left out in order to protect your personal privacy.

In your introduction, do include:

Please do not include personally identifying information such as your name, phone number, email or mailing address.

Post your introduction in our staff moderated Newcomer Introductions Forum. You must be registered and logged in in order to post.

Multiple registrations

This community does not permit for a single member to post under multiple user names. If you have been posting with more than one screen name, please contact our Admin Staff by email (see below) for help.

When you need more help

If for some reason you find that you need more help, please send an email to our Admin Staff.

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