Managing your user profile

Once you have registered for access to our research and support community forums at MarshallProtocol.com you will want to fill in your user profile.

Adding your location to your profile

Some members enjoy the support of other members that are near the same location. If you are interested in this, you will want to add your general location to your profile. You may choose to only share your Country, or you may want to include your city as well, depending on your preferences.

Adding your signature line

Every member profile needs an up-to-date signature line so that other members of our support community can best understand your situation and experience before responding to your posts. Your signature line will be displayed at the end of every post you make on the forums. (But note: when you are composing a post, the signature line will not be displayed.)

You will want to follow these instructions for composing your signature line.

Adding an avatar to your profile

A profile “avatar” is simply an image that you select to display to the left of every post you make on our forums. You likely will not want to use a photo that would lessen your personal privacy, but you can easily pick something that will represent an interesting side of your character in a fun way. For example, some members have used a photo of their pet as their profile image. Others have choosen to use a silly cartoon character or a serene scenic photo.

Update your profile image by clicking the “My Account” button at the top right of the screen and clicking on the Avatar tab.

Changing your email address

If you need to update the email address used by the forums to contact you, you can do so by changing it in your profile. You will also want to make sure the “Allow administrator(s) of this board to send you e-mails” box is checked in your preferences.

When you need more help

If for some reason you find that you need more help, please send an email to our Admin Staff.

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