Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble accessing or using our research and support community forums, please review the following troubleshooting tips.

Unable to login into newly registered account

If you have just registered a new account, you will need to activate your account.

  1. after you register, an email will be sent to you that has an activation link that you must visit in order to confirm your registration and activate your account
  2. if the activation message is not sent fairly quickly, check your spam or junk mail folders first.
  3. if the message is not there, it is possible you made an error when entering your email address
  4. if you do not activate your registration within 48 hours from your initial registration request, the user name will be cleared from the system
  5. if you did not activate within 48 hours, you may again attempt your registration with the same user name

Unable to login into activated account

If you are unable to login to your activated account at the forum's Login page these steps are recommended:

  1. review your activation email to verify the correct spelling of your username
  2. be sure that you are typing in your password using the same upper and lower case letters that you used when your account was set up–your password is case sensitive

Forgot your username or password?

If you have already activated your account and you still get an error message when attempting to log in, you can click on the link, Forgot your username or password?.

This will take you to a page where you can enter the email address associated with your account. Once you click on the (Send) button on the dialog box, the system will send you a temporary 8-digit password that will allow you to log in.

Once you are logged in you will need to change your password « If this link doesn't work, you can navigate to the same page by clicking on the button at the upper right of the page labeled “My account” and then clicking on the tab labeled “Password” »

The “Old Password” will be the temporary password provided by the system. Please carefully select a new password that is not easy to guess, write it down and choose an easy to remember location to store it. Once you have entered your new password in the second and third text boxes, click on the (Save) button to complete the password change process. There should be a message indicating your new password has been saved after you click on the (Save) button.

If you still have trouble, or need one of our staff members to verify your account status and username, please send an email to our Admin Staff and let us know so we can help you get the problem resolved.

Check which site you registered on

If you only set up a user account on CuremyTH1.org, your username and password did only work for that site, which is no longer accessible. In order to join our active research and support community, please following these instructions for How to Register.

If emails from the forums are not arriving at your inbox

If emails from the forums are not arriving at your inbox, it is possible your email service has begun blocking our site's emails. This happens when another user of your email service reports (in error) spam coming from our ISP. To correct this, send a message to your email provider letting them know that our server is sending you legitimate email and requesting them to unblock our messages. Messages from our forums are sent by Moderators@MarshallProtocol.com and are handled by the Foundation's server.

If your email service provider is unhelpful, you may want to consider changing the email in your user account profile to one from a different email service provider. For example, if yahoo, hotmail, or verizon are blocking emails from us, you can create a new email account with Gmail.

If only some notifications from watched topics are missing, that is due to a particular quirk of our forum software and can be bypassed by manually changing the topic thread to “unwatched” and then back to “watched”.

If you are getting unwanted emails from our site

You can change your email preferences if you are receiving unwanted email notifications from our site. You can do this by changing your selections in your account settings so that you are not subscribed to any notifications:

  1. verify the correct email address on your profile page.
  2. uncheck the appropriate boxes in your preferences page.
  3. uncheck all boxes on your watched topics page.
  4. uncheck all boxes on your watched forums page.

We are doing our best to provide you only the amount of communication that you desire. Your account settings help us get this right. Thanks.

If you need more help

If you still have trouble, or need one of our staff members to verify your account status and username, please send an email to our Admin Staff and let us know so we can help you get the problem resolved.

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