Translations of Marshall Protocol

Certain descriptions of the Marshall Protocol have been hand-translated into various foreign languages. Please note that these translations are not necessarily being updated by members of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation research team. Some content may be out-of-date.

Human translation (higher quality)

Machine translation (lower quality)

Forums in non-English languages

===== Notes and comments =====

  • Legacy content

Dr. Elke Unmüssig, from Berlin, wrote an article for the German printed-journal “Borreliose Wissen” about the Marshall Protocol. It can be downloaded from Here:: https://www.elke-unmuessig.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Behandlung-durch-das-Marshall-Protocol_final.pdf

The most important document in the Knowledge Base – and the one that has received the most attention from authors and editors – is the Marshall Protocol article. Right now, this page functions as the unofficial guidelines for the MP. I have spoken to Trevor about, and I expect that this page will eventually become the official guidelines.

I've been spending some time thinking about how we can get this article into some of the more widely used foreign languages.

There are two options:

A. Manually translate this page. Essentially, do what we have been doing with the above translations, but bring them up to date. The benefit here is that we have reliable, if not higher quality, translations for this key page. The downside is that it would require more manual maintenance.

B. Use the automated translation solution Google Translate. There are several potential benefits here: Google has a nicer interface suitable for rapid translating (using the Google Translate Toolkit), translations can be applied to other pages, and if/when the article is updated the translation would be more likely to be updated as well. As you can see, I put a dropdown with several languages (I could add more if anyone requests it) in this page.

Before we proceed with either solution, I would like to assess the quality of translation Google offers. (Note that some languages are better than others. For example, the official languages of the United Nations have a large corpus of translations which means that French and Spanish may be better.) I've sent out an email to several native speakers to ask for feedback about the quality of the automated translation on this page.

What is a good translation? Obviously, readability matters, and some mistakes are more important than others. Is the information ultimately helpful? Would you be embarrassed showing it to a doctor?

Keep in mind that in some cases we may be able to simplify the original English if it leads to a clearer translation.


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