Finding a physician

Generally speaking, it often makes the most sense to work with one's existing doctor when getting on the Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis..

Patients who educate themselves, before approaching their doctor, have the most success in getting their doctor to partner with them in their recovery. Especially when they show the initiative to print out the published research and can explain their plan with confidence.

Any doctor's knowledge about the MP is likely very limited. Even those doctors who are the most familiar with the protocol will not always have the time to stay current with the latest sources of information such as conferences and publications.

Many patients find that their doctors appreciate when they take the time to provide copies of newly published papers about the protocol. Some patients forward electronic copies (PDFs) to their doctor's email. Some doctors appreciate when their patients provide paper copies with key points highlighted. We recommend you discuss with your doctor how they would prefer to be kept up to date.

Medical practice is oriented towards “intervention-as-first-response” for nearly everything.

The idea that a human body could recover by removing the burdens being put on it has not quite taken off yet.

Joyful March 2017

You are your own best advocate

As a patient on a cutting edge treatment, you will be the best member of your healthcare team (and the most motivated) to ask questions, watch conferences, review new information just as soon as it becomes available on our forums. This is why it is appropriate for you to be responsible for making sure that your prescribing doctor is following the MP correctly.

Patients are strongly encourage to take the time to invest in their own recovery by:

Profile of doctors willing to prescribe the Marshall Protocol

There is no typical MP physician. However, the following clinicians might be more willing to try prescribing the MP.

  • Generalists as opposed to specialists – Doctors who are specialists often consider themselves experts. They are sometimes reluctant to consider a novel treatment approach that is introduced to them by their patient. If a specialist is not agreeable, be sure to ask a primary care provider. Generalists tend to be less guarded and more open to learning.
  • Doctors of osteopathy – Some have reported a doctor of osteopathy (DO) might be more open-minded than an MD.
  • MD/PhDs – Doctors who are also PhDs may be more receptive to the science which supports the Marshall Protocol.
  • Newer doctors – Doctors who are just starting a practice are less likely to refuse patient requests for the Marshall Protocol.
  • Nurse Practitioners and Physician's Assistants – These clinicians can order the Marshall Protocol medications and supervise treatment.

When visiting a prospective doctor, be sure to present Autoimmunity Research FoundationNon-profit foundation dedicated to exploring a pathogenesis and therapy for chronic disease.'s peer-reviewed publications.

The single best published paper to present to a doctor is Immunostimulation in the era of the metagenome.

There is also a list with PMIDs here Section to print off - Independant research into Olmesartan with PMIDs for doctor.

Resources for locating a new doctor

United States

Australia and New Zealand

On the forums

  • example of Marshall Protocol's members tab – Members of the Marshall Protocol site frequently list their city and state/province. The provided link to the MP site is ordered by location - first by country, and then by state/province.
  • Also, members can click on their location under their name in the left column to bring up a list of members with the same location.
  • Patients who are currently on the Protocol are often willing to share their doctors' names via “private message” (PM). Generally speaking, people who post more often are more likely to be willing to share contact information for their prescribing doctor.

Notes and comments

Medical practice is oriented towards “intervention-as-first-response” for nearly everything.

The idea that a human body could recover by removing the burdens being put on it has not quite taken off yet.

Joyful March 2017

Joyful's (updated) recent post:

There are few “MP Docs”. We know there are doctors around the world that prescribe the Benicar for their patients because the patients come here and post about their experiences.

But the doctors themselves have rarely stay engaged with the Foundation or our support community. Hopefully these doctors at least file the appropriate published papers in their “due diligence” files just in case a medical review board ever questions their off-label use of the drug. (Doctors are allowed to prescribe off-label using their own judgment if they can show published research to back up their rationale.)

We try to keep track of those doctors willing to help patients recover using the Marshall Protocol.

If patients let us know about their doctor (for better or worse), we add their input to our notes. If any member would care to send feedback to us, please feel free to email our staff at: marshallprotocol.staff+doctors@gmail.com

We have a few doctors that have experienced first hand what an immunostimulative therapy can do while on the Marshall Protocol for themselves. This gives them a particularly detailed perspective on the course of the therapy and some patients prefer seeking out these doctors for their care.

There have been recent updates to this information:

We have a special section in the MPKB that provides healthcare providers with the information they need to connect on the forums and to administer the protocol:

From Janet:

Some stuff just off the top of my head. The goal is personal accountability for everyone, respect for physicians and most of all, medical consumers that aren't just looking for a free ride to happily ever after (It ain't the Marshall Protocol unless someone is ready to take personal responsibility for their health outcomes.). We have to protect physicians or we won't have any.

A MD goes to medical school to get a general MD license. It takes extra time and training to get specialist designation stated on their license.

We do not casually identified any physician as an “MP Physician” and there is no legal or medical designation for the level of training required for a physician to certify in the advanced science described in the Marshall PathogenesisA description for how chronic inflammatory diseases originate and develop.. Professor Trevor Marshall is certified to present information to physicians at ongoing CME events and all physicians are encouraged to attend these conferences. Please check the schedule of upcoming events, Dr Marshall presents this evidence internationally.

Currently, The Autoimmunity Research Foundation knows of no medical education institution that is prepared to offer a specialist designation for the Marshall Protocol. Until then, it is appropriate to state only that any medical practitioners may choose to work with medical consumers within boundaries that are current with a wealth of recent science and technology that supports the Marshall Pathogenesis. We urge doctors to avoid partnering with medical consumers that do not understand the implications of the Marshall Pathogenesis with regards to their medical care or of the burden that comes with significant compliance requirements for medical decisions made between the physician and medical consumer.

Medical Consumers are encouraged to work with their chosen, personal physician.

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