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Forum Registration Greeting

Thank you for registering at Marshall Protocol.com. We are delighted to have you join us.

We are a community of people who are recovering from chronic disease. We are not experts. But we do know what it is like to recover from the diseases which ruined our jobs, our families, and our lives. We will share that experience with you, our new community member.

In return we insist that you respect us, those who have already trodden this path to recovery. We are not here to argue or justify. We will share what we know, and point you to the wealth of peer-reviewed papers, conference presentations, and our on-line-searchable Knowledge Base at MPKB.org.[1]

Our intent in maintaining this forum is to share the science, and to share our experiences. Please take the time to read about using the Marshall Protocol forums,[2] and follow our guidelines for forum etiquette[3] and posting your experiences[4] with the Marshall Protocol.

We do encourage everybody to post their progress, but please be aware that you must not speculate. Share experience, don't guess. You agree that any data or observations which you post are placed in the public domain, and may be collated for retrospective studies, as a basis for future medical research.

Your physician is the person who is licensed to provide you with medical care. Any suggestions you will read here need to be discussed with your physician before commencing or changing any treatment he/she has prescribed for you. Remember - this community can help you understand recovery from chronic disease, but only your physician is licensed to give you the medical care.

Board policies are intended to keep the focus on productive discussion of Th1 diseasesThe chronic inflammatory diseases caused by bacterial pathogens.[5] and the Marshall Protocol.[6] A message may be moved, edited or deleted to achieve that goal. We will do our best to inform you of modifications made to your post. We reserve the right to ban any member who repeatedly disregards board policies.

You may contact other members via private message or email but you are cautioned that information from other members may not be accurate or helpful. Additionally, from time to time we will send emails containing information about new features, events and fundraising activities.

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The MarshallProtocol.com study site is for educational and informational purposes only. All material displayed on the study site is (C)Copyright Autoimmunity Research FoundationNon-profit foundation dedicated to exploring a pathogenesis and therapy for chronic disease. 2004-2014. No member, moderator, officer, administrator or other person affiliated in any way with the Marshall Protocol study site is responsible in any way for any information exchanged while participating on this study site. It is the responsibility of each member to consult with his or her personal physician to determine an appropriate course of treatment.

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Again, welcome!
From the Foundation Staff

[1] https://mpkb.org
[2] https://mpkb.org/home/starting/usingforum/home
[3] https://mpkb.org/home/starting/usingforum/etiquette
[4] https://mpkb.org/home/starting/usingforum/postingprogress
[5] https://mpkb.org/home/pathogenesis/th1spectrum
[6] https://mpkb.org/home/patients/protocol_overview

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