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About the MPKB

The Marshall ProtocolA curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis. Knowledge Base is a collective work by persons knowledgeable about the topics addressed within it. Persons competent in the subjects covered review the content on a volunteer basis in an effort to provide the best quality content possible.

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handy link from Ron https://mpkb.org/sidebar where — Sallie Q 08.02.2017 replaced “Preventive Medicine 2015: Innovative methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation” | with bjY08k1ZYvo 'Is there a role for a Tin-Foil hat in PPPM?' presented to the EPMA World Congress : University of Bonn September 2015

sample page layout

  Recent Research
  Evidence of infectious cause
  Patient interviews
  Patients experiences

Sallie Q 07.09.2017 https://mpkb.org/home/waves/devp_outline kick off point for WIP on Radio Frequency radiation

https://mpkb.org/playground/checkout/testing123 learning spaces and place to create a new page out of sight https://mpkb.org/playground/template https://mpkb.org/playground/checkout/template https://mpkb.org/playground/checkout/digestion

Paul and Amy list https://mpkb.org/home/devel/legacyindex has links to some info may be worth reading



watch for media mentions in any thread to add here https://mpkb.org/home/arf/media

planning topics https://www.marshallprotocol.com/forum43/12695-2.html https://www.marshallprotocol.com/forum43/12646-2.html MP future https://www.marshallprotocol.com/forum43/12633.html D debate https://www.marshallprotocol.com/forum43/12931.html

DONE — Sallie Q 08.21.2017 replaced with https://youtu.be/T8CL32dGJC4 'What More is there to Discover about Vitamin-D' 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity April 2016

LATER in year with ' Immune Disease and the Microbiome: Healthcare in response to New Knowledge' youtube>7EDqKv8nz4A Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine Moscow, Russia - September, 2016

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